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Tabbed Browsing Saves the World! Incorporate a little less selfishness in your life by following the steps in this simple howto guide on how to make a tab group to various free "click to donate" sites.
Update IP This script maps a dynamic ip address to a zone edit dns configuration. I use this to host my domain name camerongreen.org at home on my dynamic ip box.
Bluetooth This details how I got bluetooth working with my Motorola v525 phone.
RM Safe This script provides an rm that moves files into a special directory for each user. That way rm isn't so final, can be a life saver!
Dynamic T-Shirt I order some t-shirts from a company called unbranded, they ended up mixing up the order so in the end I got the t-shirts for free. They asked just for a photo of me wearing them for their website, but instead I thought this dynamic t-shirt preview would be cooler. So I've put it up here as an example of dynamic html, you will be surprised at how little code is involved, and you can make your own customised t-shirts :) Might go into business with this one day.
Marquee This page demonstrates a java scrolling text, or marquee applet. Once upon a time before dhtml I wanted to have a scrolling Marquee across my home page. Initially I used the IE Marquee tag, but when I realised it didn't work in Netscape, so in the interests of fairness I wrote this Java implementation. The coolest thing about it is that you can make it as big as you want, for instance you can write "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters.
PHP Application Base Part of a project I did for uni, this is the beginnings of an application base for PHP. It could do with some external input, but it is a solid basis for developed CGI based php applications. It gives you base classes which provide debugging and error handling, and a cool html system for passing everything through a small channel with type checking integrated to make your applications more secure. It's simple and effective, so check it out and let me know what you think.
.gvimrc OK this isn't the worlds greatest gvimrc, but it's mine and I like having access to it, so I've put it here. For the non guru's out there it might have some stuff you haven't used before that can make you life easier, like key mappings, abbreviations etc. Check out folds too if you don't know about them, they are really useful for large files. I've gone through and commented all the configuration options so you can see what they are doing.
Tech Links A whole bunch of links to a whole bunch of stuff. Mainly here for my purposes : )

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