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Tek Lynx
My Webmail Care2 100Mb webmail (and more) that donates a percentage of their profits to charities...sign up for a totally free account now!
Validate Your Page! XHTML Validator Validate your pages as xhtml, check some of mine and let me know if I missed anything (ok yeh except the frames!).
Broken Link Checker Another great application from w3, checks your page for broken links.
Powering My Website Apache Webserver of choice!
Fedora Redhats community based OS.
PHP Server Side scripting language.
Perl Another cool scripting language
Subversion If you don't know about document revision control, you should. Subversion is a cool open source revision control system.
Zoneedit Free dynamic DNS host I use to update my IP.
Godaddy Cheap domain name service.
Netspace My ADSL provider.

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Cameron Green
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