" my gvimrc " i at camerongreen dot org " " For a complete list of options :options " " autoindent on set autoindent " tell vim to try to use colours for dark bg set background=dark " allow backspace over anything '2=indent,eol,start' set bs=2 " options for clipboard set clipboard=autoselect " options for gui, m=show menubar, a=control clipboard, A=uber a set guioptions=maA " Number of commands and search patterns to remember set history=100 " ignore case in searches (and regexs) set ignorecase " but if I put a capital in my search, don't ignore it set smartcase " show match for current part of search whilst typing it set incsearch " list of flags to use with mouse ??? set mouse=a " list of pairs to show for the "%" command set mps=(:),{:},[:],<:> " don't care about vi compatibility set nocompatible " don't ring the bell all the time set noeb " show line numbers set number " always display the current position in bottom right corner set ruler " list of flags to make messages shorter ??? set shm=at " show incomplete command in bottom right of window set showcmd " show what mode we are in on bottom of window set showmode " do clever auto indenting " set smartindent " number of spaces used for each step of autoindent set sw=3 " number of spaces a tab in the text stands for set tabstop=3 " number of levels of undo set ul=2000 " list that specifies what to write in the viminfo file ??? set viminfo='20,\"50 " wrap long lines set wrap " if you don't know about folds, they are way cool " I like to keep them simple, so I always use markers set foldmethod=marker " Make it look how I like it highlight Normal guibg=Black guifg=white highlight Search guibg=#555555 guifg=white highlight Folded guibg=#555555 guifg=white syntax on " abbreviations for often used regexes " :ab for list " quote html tag attributes ab tagquote s/\(\w\+=\)\([^"'[:space:]>]\+\)/\1"\2"/g " quote html tag attributes, escape quotes for programming ab tagescquote s/\(\w\+=\)\([^\\"'[:space:]>]\+\)/\1\\"\2\\"/g " change brs to proper syntax ab brs s/<[Bb][Rr]>/
/g " xthml header ab _html_ PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN""http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> " perl header ab _pl_ #!/usr/bin/perl -wuse strict; " Key Mappings for often used functions " :map for list " New paragraph " shift F8 map o

3hi " Comment line " shift F11 map ^i// " Make copy of current line, comment original " Shift F12 map yy^i//p " New line with PHP error log statement, cursor at entry point " Shift F9 map oerror_log(, 0);4hi " Gnome conf XML is impossible to read, so make it into seperate " lines per entity " Ctrl-F4 map /><a " New line with PHP error log statement and nest_array, cursor at entry point " Shift F9 map oerror_log(nest_array(), 0);5hi