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Well this is E.A.R.T.H. designed, written and slaved over by me, handcoded using gvim, Apache, Perl and PHP. It used to run on my Fedora Linux box, however when I moved to London I moved it to a service provider which is why it runs slower now. Every shred of the work on this website for the last few years has been done with Open Source Software.

Each page has its own introduction from me, articles, links and quotes. As you can see I like quotes, putting something succinctly is an artform, which is really good and stuff.

You can check out the latest changes by going to What's New.

The concept for this page is really just myself, after my initial homepage which was pretty eclectic (my euphemism for crappy), in 1998/99 I decided to do a page from the ground up during my first summer break at Uni. Hopefully reflecting the things I really care about a bit more, and the broadening of my computer skills. This version is that rewritten, yet again as the result of my skills improving, the page you see before you is XHTML compliant, uses Cascading Style Sheets, and has some funky browser independent Javascript. I can't have a 100% XHTML compliant page, because I use frames....stupid W3C.

I used to host the page at defy.virtualave.net, until one day I discovered that my email form didn't work, even worse it looked like it worked, displaying a confirmation message saying 'thanks for your input', but it just silently never delivered the email to me. Noone ever notifed me of this, who knows how long it was like that and how many emails I never received because of it. I tried all sorts of things to get it to work to no avail. I sent the admins there an email in the feedback form which said 'give a detailed description of your problem', of course the feedback form sent back an automatic reply saying they don't give email feedback anymore. Why it didn't say this on the email form page, rather than 'give a detailed description of your problem' you will have to ask the virtualave admins (if you can find some way to contact them). Anyway with all the ads and lack of configurability at virtualave, that was the last straw, having no more straws, indeed being completely and utterly strawless and without straw, I decided and was lucky enough to be able to purchase my own name www.camerongreen.org, and I moved the whole thing across until I could find some way to procure more straw.

As for the name E.A.R.T.H. it came to me when I was in the kind of twilight stage between being asleep and awake one day, and I thought it summed up well the specific areas I wished to concentrate on. As you will see from the pages and links, I believe the world can be a better place, and in action towards that goal.

The Links in the pages have been very carefully selected and I would appreciate it if you find a great page you think might be appropriate or find an outdated link, be a good earth citizen and let me know. The articles are from all over the place, most of them are by me and I hope you like some of them. If you have any writing or images to submit please do so and I will certainly consider it.

Any suggestions for the page would be very helpful, and will definitely be seriously considered. Its hard to think of everything when you are designing something for people to read and look at. I'd like to do more work on it, but I have to earn a living writing back ends for other people's websites, cest la vie.

I hope you enjoy you enjoy your stay on E.A.R.T.H., please visit again as I am always working on it.

Peace - Cameron

Cameron Green
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