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Well where do I start? My full name is Cameron David Green.

Apparently Cameron is gaelic for 'Crooked Nose' and was originally the surname of one of the great highland clans, David is from my father and is a hebrew name meaning friend' or 'beloved' and Green is a name probably from when some clans took on colour surnames after the king of England ordered everyone with whatever our original name was dead. I was given the name Cameron after my grandfathers regiment in the Second World War, the Cameronians - the Royal Scottish Rifles. What use any of that information is to you I am not sure.

I was born on the 26th of November. This makes me a Sagittarian, which is of course completely meaningless.

I am about six foot tall, have brown eyes and hair and weigh somewhere around 100 kilos. Would like to do something about that number but the life of a bachelor in London is a somewhat full one.

Politically and philosophically I see my self as most closely aligning with the principles of Deep Ecology, Buddhism and Libertarian Socialism though I think my view of the world isn't contained exactly within the realm of one school of thought or another, and like people best who think that way as well.

Becoming vegan is the achievement which gives me most pride in my life. I first became a vegetarian after becoming concerned about the suffering of animals, and decided that I could no longer look away from the pain and suffering I contributed to at every meal. As I educated myself about the environmental, compassionate and health issues of an animal free diet, I slowly, almost accidentally became a vegan. This has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I have made in my life, despite it involving being confronted at every turn by those who resent non conformity.

I completed a degree in 2004 from Queensland University of Technology which means I am a Bachelor of Information Technology, with a double major in Data Communications and Software Engineering. It took me six long years to complete it. QUT is highly regarded for their Information Technology programme, and I did pretty well in my degree which is another thing of which I am proud.

I have done a few other things most notably worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, Superannuation (for the Catholic Church at one stage), Research Assistant, worked in a sawmill, for the Australian Wool Corporation and done some work at an Environmental Park. I also once for a year and a bit owned a fabulous vegan restaurant called Squirrels with my much loved ex-partner Irene. My longest employment was at the University of Queensland as a developer on the my.UQ project among other things. After moving to London I worked for Google from July 2006 to October 2008, which I don't think you need a link to. It was an amazing place to work, whilst I was there it was consistently rated the best place to work in the world, with incredible technologies and brilliant people. I'm now working for a company called Lynomedia, we are small but hoping to do some cool things.

As for the path my life has taken me, I was born in Melbourne, Australia, moved to Tasmania when I was 6 or so, back to Melbourne at 10 or so, stayed there for 16 years, when I moved up to Brisbane in sunny Queensland, where I stayed for another 8, when I moved over to London in the United Kingdom. Did a brief stint of four months in Sydney whilst working there for Google, but back in London after that. Who knows where from here.

I've been single since the start of 2005, like the freedom but there are some obvious downsides to it...

My interests and hobbies are pretty varied:

Ok well music requires its own list because I have very a wide range tastes so you can go to my music links page for more information.

I have been a member of the Australian Greens Party, the Humane Society International, Amnesty International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Greenpeace and OXFAM Community Aid Abroad (you will find links to all of these on my various links pages). I have chosen these organisations because they each work on facets of the world which need vast improving. I'm a firm believer in supporting the organisations I think are doing positive things and would encourage others to do the same even if they don't want to become an activist. I've also done some volunteer work for a few organisations, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Animal Liberation and the Brisbane Social Forum.

That's about it. Theres a lot I think about which isn't on my web page because I'm not sure if people would be interested in it, so if there are any issue that you would like to hear my thoughts on then I might write about it and put it up somewhere here. If you just want to chat or say hi then I'd be happy to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy your stay on E.A.R.T.H., please visit again as I am always I am always working on it.

Peace, Love and Happiness - Cameron

Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind - Bertrand Russell

Cameron Green
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