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What's New

I am always tinkering with my page, so there is usually something new to see though you might have to search for it. I will endeavour to put up my latest changes here so people who have been here before can know which things have been added or changed recently.

Celebration Nut Roast

I made this for Christmas day and a few people have asked for the recipe so I've put it up.

London's Best Vegan Restaurants

On the Animal Liberation page you will find a list of London's best vegan restaurants as voted by me! EReally this place is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians, I wish I could take them all home with me to Australia when I return (whenever that will be).


A bit strange to write about but on my Transcendence page you will find a treatise on Love...see what being single for four years can do to you :)

Suggest Something

If you have any suggestions for new things, please send them to me!

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