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What should politics be about?

This is the closest thing on this site to my manifesto. Written initially as a long stream of consciousness, my apologies to those overly fond of structure.

The Grand Lie
Something I wrote when I was a bit sleepy about the philosophical underpinning of much of our society.

Brisbane Social Forum 2004
Bringing people interested in a better world together, the Brisbane Social Forum was so inspiring I couldn't help but write this piece about my experiences at it. I went on to do the website for the forum for the next year.

How the Liberals Won
An email was sent to the QUT Environment Collective list asking how it is that the conservatives so easily won the 2004 federal election when they were so morally bankrupt? This is my answer.

Einstein on Socialism
What did the greatest mind of our time have to say about socialism?

An Unfit Mother
A short tale from the 1950's of an American woman who had her children taken for teaching them about peace and tolerance. Illustrative of the injustice which can be done by the institutions whose very task is to uphold justice.

Revolutionary Books
My favourite political books and a short blurb on my thoughts on them.

Quotes to open your mind

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