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The Grand Lie

In our lives, we have been subjected to what I will call the Grand Lie. It is a lie that pervades much of the mindset of our society; fostered in us by those meaning well, and burnt in us by those whose intentions were less noble.

The Grand Lie is about who we are, what makes a person, where happiness is derived from, indeed what meaning itself is.

We have been told that a person is judged on the material possessions which they accumulate, that the shine of their possessions is proportionate to the happiness in their lives. We have been told by our entire social structures, role models and media influences that someone driving an expensive car working in an insurance office is more important, is more centered, is more worthwhile to this society, than a poor man in a forest trying to stop a tree being felled.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that the very antipathy of meaning - the pursuit of personal gain despite all else - is the substance of meaning...this is the Grand Lie.

Why is this lie fostered in us? Our parents and other role models believe that this focus will enable us to attain the things we want in life, to have security and happiness...for despite what people might profess to believe, by reinforcing this attitude they show that they really think all things (happiness, respect, love etc.) are products in this society, and can be bought. Yet in worrying only about our own security and happiness to the exclusion of others, we reinforce the foundations of a system...we continue to create...a society in which these things are not guaranteed for all, ourselves included. Therefore we must keep pushing ourselves to ensure that we don't fail financially, and thus is the system powered.

Naturally the media, business, political axis wants you to worship material possessions, so you drive this machine which they benefit most from, and in worshipping what they have achieved, exonerate their selfish path in life. They want a society in which we are all atoms of consumption, predictable, driven, pushing the machine, the functioning of which ensures they have the things they want. The Grand Lie is the method by which we voluntarily sell the moments of our lives to the highest bidder for their greater profit...brainwashed into loving and perpetuating our servitude.

We need to see the truth that the lie is trying to conceal, that a system which is not secure for everyone, is not ultimately secure for anyone. That while so much that is worthy and good goes undone, and we turn our energies in life from ethical choices to pursue our self gain, we are living the lie they set out for us...we are part of the problems of this world. We become someone else propagating the Grand Lie.

What do we replace this lie with? There is honour in this existence, nobility, love, compassion, truth, beauty, joy...even peace. This is what meaning is about, this are the things for which we should strive. Firstly to do no harm, secondly to do good. We need to find the understanding to change. We need to look for ways to give birth to this meaning inside ourselves.

True meaning is not hard to find for those who look inside themselves, beyond that they are forcefed. This life, this world, this universe is pregnant with just needs you to live it.

by Cameron Green

Cameron Green
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