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An introduction to what transcendence, the philosophical part of this site is all about.

The Meaning of Life
So what's it all about then? We need to be thoughtful about the reasoning behind our actions in existence. What we do matters, it needs to be thought out, and it should have an overriding logic that each action fits within. Here is my attempt to write this, based on how I live and conceive my own life.

My thoughts on the existence of God.

The New Testament
Living in a christian dominated society, I had to read the bible which has had such an effect on our culture. Here are my thoughts on the New Testament.

I wrote this in the interests of introspection, and against my better judgement have put it up.

Sayings of Buddha
There are people I admire, Guatama Siddartha Buddha is one of them.

The Desiderata of Happiness
A beautiful, inspirational piece of writing, highly recommended reading.

The JavaScript Guru
A bit of fun I wrote as I was learning JavaScript. Give it a question and it gives a yes, no or maybe answer according to probabilities.

A listing of spiritual and philosophical books I have read and my thoughts on them.

Transcendent quotes

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