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Free Tibet Tibetan Buddhism has only become known to the western consciousness recently. Unfortunately this has come about due to the invasion by the Chinese government of their country. This site has varied information about Tibet, the people, their religion and culture, and their struggles against oppression.

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was well known for his scientific acheivements, however less is known about his philosophies. He was a late proponent of vegetarianism, approved of buddhism as a religion that could cope with modern scientific method, and was a believer in the nobility of the human spirit. This list of resources could keep you busy for a while, and make you think.

Centre for Compassionate Living Similar in intent to this site, Compassionate Living is trying to look towards a future where we live a lifestyle intent on reducing suffering, rather than causing and ignoring it.

Awakening Earth This is an interesting site with some thought provoking articles on global consciousness, something I am very into. If you are looking for a download to read, or have some spare internet time you're looking to burn up this is your site.

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