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Why should I care about human rights?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Everyone should read this. You can get a great poster of it from the New Internationalist site on the Links page.

Slavery Today
Slavery is more prevalent today than it has ever been. It is an affront to a civilized world, and something we should all be active in working against. This article discusses the main shape slavery takes in our modern world, and some steps you can take to help overcome it.

Arms Spending
The world Arms trade is fundamentally evil. Selling Arms without responsibility to the poor people afflicted by them makes cigarette companies look like angels. This article has a few mind boggling figures on the worlds spending for one year.

Its a rich man's poor world
Poverty is a human rights issue, perhaps wealth is as well. This short article speaks volumes.

Along with the Holocaust, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Stalin's Russia, Indonesia and the Ottoman Turks, Rwanda must rank is one of those moments in the history of the twentieth century which should make us stare into out collective soul, and ask how evolved are we? This report is interesting in its honesty of appraisal in looking at the worlds response to Rwanda.

Rwanda and the US of A
Another article detailing the complicity of the American Government in the web of disinterest and lies amongst the worlds nations, that allowed the Rwandan massacres to reach their terrible scale.

My favourite books on the theme of human rights and a short piece about my thoughts on them.

Telling words about human nature, and human rights

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