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Short intro by me discussing why you should care about the environment.

Ten things you must do
Want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem? Start here.

Preserving Australia's Environment
Like most other countries Australia faces enviromental problems on a huge scale. Click here for a synopsis of some of the major challenges Australia faces.

UN Report
A news article relating the findings of a UN report into the worlds environment.

Great Apes Dissappearing
Some people seem to argue that intelligence is the basis by which we should apportion compassion to beings. This would leave unexplained the treatment we have reserved for our closest genetic relatives. For those fortunate enough to not live in zoos or laboratories, there seems an uncertain future.

Species Extinction
Some sobering analysis about how long it will take the earth to recover from what we have been doing to it.

Plundering the seas
Although the consumption of seafood is seen by some as a viable environmental option, this article explains just how wrong they are.

The reply of Chief Seattle
Reputed to be the reply of Native American Chief Seattle, who the city of Seattle was named after, when the American Government at the time wanted to 'purchase' the land his tribe dwelt upon

Links through to environmental books I have read, what I think of them, and links to Amazon reviews of them.

Some of these will make you happy, some will make you mad, hopefully one of them will make you active

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