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All three of the links to the left allow you to make an environmental donation simply by clicking. It can't get much easier to do good than that, what takes you a couple of minutes really makes a difference in peoples lives. See the other sections links (like the Animals one for Primates and Big Cats) for more click to donate links.

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace Australia
What can be said about this organization which has not already been said. Greenpeace is at the fore front of environmental management and has acheived an unprecedented public profile. One of the more famous moments in their history was the bombing of their ship 'The Rainbow Warrior' by the French Secret service, a sure sign they are doing something right.

The World Wide Fund for Nature With so many species facing annihalation the WWF has been active for many years in seeking their preservation. They co-operate far more than organizations like Greenpeace with governments and corporations, which is a good or a bad thing, ie they get a lot more money, but speak out less on the need for major institutional reform. One great way of helping is to sign up for a PANDA PASSPORT which will send you alerts when there are worldwide environmental issues that need your support. Often you just need to click on a link to sign a petition etc, and you earn points for every action which let you download beautiful images, screensavers etc, and none of it costs you anymore than the price of your internet connection.

Adbusters The mission of our non-profit society is to transform our commercial media culture and direct it towards ecological and social awareness. Our mass media, our business culture constantly urges us to consume more and more, yet we know that our planet cannot survive this onslaught, with regards to pollution, biodiversity, resource depletion and climate change. This consumption machine, image making factory is what we want to bring to a grinding halt. We want to create a new media culture that has the human condition rather than commercialism as its heart and soul.

David Suzuki Organisation Probably most famous as the maker of thought provoking documentaries, David Suzuki is an environmentalist second to none. This is the home page of the organization he has set up to oversee his many and varied concerns. Well worth a visit. He does have some strange ideas about us all reverting back to a hunting state, which I guess is achievable if nine tenths of the worlds population dissappears, however if we want change now, I think avoiding simply animal products is the more rational way to go.

Planet Ark Welcome to Planet Ark, the home of daily Reuters World Environment News. Come back every day to see what's happening to the planet! Free environmental software, celebrity campaigns, QT videos and RealAudio info.

The Wilderness Society Since 1976 The Wilderness Society and supporters have saved millions of hectares of magnificent wild country and the habitat of many endangered species. Numerous National Parks have been created or expanded and Wold Heritage Areas legislated or nominated as a result of our...campaigning. (I went to a Wilderness Society protest against the Franklin/Gordon dam when I was about 10 or so : )

Sea Shepherds The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) involved with the investigation and documentation of violations of international laws, regulations and treaties protecting marine wildlife species. The Society is also involved with the enforcement of international laws, regulations and treaties when there is no enforcement by national governments or international regulatory organizations due to absence of jurisdiction or lack of political will. (These guys buy ships and go and ram illegal whalers and fishers, saw a pretty amazing documentary on it)

Australian Conservation Foundation The Australian Conservation Foundation is one of the oldest and most respected environmental organisations in Australia. If you become a member they have a great magazine they periodically send you, which has great articles in it. Working in partnership with farmers and government, the ACF is making a real difference.

Friends of the Earth
Australian Site
Friends of the Earth has worked for conservation and public health protection for more than a quarter of a century. In the process, we have learned to focus on the underlying social and economic causes of environmental problems both at home and abroad, building coalitions and working with our unique Friends of the Earth international network.
Blue Voice
Blue Voice works to protect dolphins, whales and the ocean. They have a bunch of online clips, some of which are hard to watch, but necessary to hit home the truth about what is happening on the often unregulated seas.

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