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CameronGuestbook[email protected]I wish somebody would write something here
MaquisTo Be or Not To BeWhat I think is.... I think it is To Be
|BuRGeR|The GuruHe sure give u some interesting answers :P
ie. Q. Will Sudam Hussan get a nuke dropped on him?

Damn I feel sorry for him :P
SilavanhHelloI like the author pictures and the guru
Babe-delishThe AuthorWhat I think is....he is the most inspiring not to mention sexy guru yet. You rock me baby!! How about some more photos and stuff on you!!! That is what I'm really interested in...;}
MantisNothing To Say....What I think is.... very little....
Michele LeeWhat I think is....your web page is fantastic, you've managed to make it interesting, fairly quick, humorous and interactive. What a clever brother I have, did it take long to create Cam? I wish I had a PC at home so I could show the kids, I'll have to bring them to work and show them!! Love Michele x
kbearearthWhat I think is.... top page !!!! keep up the good work cam !!!!!
Smurfenvironmentalgroovy tunes brother

this web site is filthy man !!!! :)
Kush/maddoggnone in particulari thought i'd please u oh wise one.. just poped in to say hi and also to tell you that my web site is underconstruction too... hehehe trying to make it as kick-arse as yours.. but i know it'll be nothing compared to your site(s) :)
CameronGuestbook[email protected]The guestbook has now been rewritten, although it might look the same it is in fact a big change from how it was previously. Well Im grateful to the people who have taken time out to add their comments (however brief ; P) and will look forward to any more that people feel like putting down.
Iris' mumquotesWhat I think is your site has a lot of thought provoking stuff and as a collector of quotes I really appreciated the range and quality of quotes. Your insights are also honest and strong. Well done.
AndrewskusWebsite[email protected]Except for the incessant advertising, I really like this site. It is pitched for the layman(me), has many thought provoking pieces, great quotes, good links, and a good navigational structure. The stuff about UFO's was a little weird though........
Janicecool site[email protected]What I think is.... you have a cool site. I couldn't access your links and am interested. Please update me when links are up. Thanks.
poppetinamiss pCamby rocks!!.....oh and more tasty treats please
Irene:P[email protected]The funky blessing was ace!Sorry about my spelling mistakes (not sorry for the u in colour, though).Some animal pictures would be good.
Tracy moorehello from Canada[email protected]What I think is...
I find your site inspiring and i am very impressed.
You have alot of passion.
I have a difficult time finding ppl who share my interests,so i am very happy to come across e.a.r.t.h
If you have the time,maybe you could drop me an email,i would love to talk with you.

take care:)
craigmustardWhat I think is...mustard should be used more in everyday life. but watch out it has a MIND OF ITS OWN...and dont get me started on branston. aubergenes are so bloody sexy.
Curry FanMush curryWhat I think is...This is one of the best, tastiest, mosy helpful and easy recipes I have ever used. Your useful comments made me feel like you were there in the kitchen helping me. as a beginer vegan cook, this was really comforting. Thankyou for the great page and keep the recipes coming!
KushI was here[email protected]Hey Cam,

Just thought I'd pop over and checkout the new EARTH on you home box...

I'm browsing with graphics turned off... so maybe you should put some ALT tags over the place man...

Hope to be in Brisbane by December, on a 4 year contract as I.T. Consultant.

Later Dude
CaitlinJava GuruWhat I think is...
I just wanted to inform you that your Java Guru is broken. I asked "Is Cameron the best thing ever?" and it said "No". I asked "Was your last answer wrong?" - it said "no". I checked "Are you completely sure?" and it said "yes". As you are clearly and obviously the best thing ever, we can deduce that your Guru is malfunctioning.
Bark MathieStuffHey man, wow your site has a lot more stuff on it than it used to.

Still trying to get through that "Global Spin" book you lent to me :)
BGlink?What I think is... Your site is rad Cameron, I think you are a pretty rare kind of person. My friend is an environmental engineer, and she would love your site I'm sure ;-)
Have you heard of the 'Choose cruelty Free' website? Animal Testing in this world today is so wrong and so unnecessary, not many people are aware that it still goes on. Maybe you would like to check out the Preferred Products List. They have vegan products too! I never buy anything that has been tested on animals, and I try to convince as many people as possible to do the same.
It was nice meeting you at the conference, see ya round at work!