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 Cameron David Green 
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07799 137 260
London, United Kingdom
I'm a Software Engineer/Philosopher familiar with most technologies surrounding the HTTP protocol. I've been programming PHP since back when it was cool, had a break during my two and a bit years at Google where Python and Java rule, but back into it now. Enjoy working with Java, Javascript, Perl (if anyone will let me) and Unix based operating systems. Having been a linux user for many years, and had to do quite a bit of it in my work, I have enough System Administration skills to be dangerous.
IT, and software development in particular is rarely given the time to be done well. Short cuts, lack of testing, not thinking about scalability, code hero mentality, lack of documentation, ignoring security, they all save money in the short term, but can turn your development into a random process where you are forever context switching as you patch things. I'd like to work somewhere that understands the wholistic aspects of software development, that it is best produced by a team, communicating, co-operating, acting in concert. I've worked with some brilliant individuals, but they were just that, individuals, and thus always limited their potential productivity. Is this how software engineering is doomed to be, or can it be a sustainable, robust, team oriented art form?
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane QUT Website

Bachelor of Information Technology
Data Communications/Software Engineering Double Major with Distinction
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Ardoch/Windsor Secondary College
Professional Experience
2008 -
Senior Software Engineer
Lynomedia Knightsbridge, United Kingdom
Backend web development
PHP development (Zend Framework)
Java development (Lucene, Spring)
Javascript, CSS
Linux server environment
2006 - 2008
Technical Solutions Engineer
Google About Google
London Victoria, United Kingdom
Providing support to Google's syndicated services
Technical support
Network troubleshooting
PHP development
Java development (Webwork, Hibernate)
Python development
Javascript, CSS
Linux server environment
Ubuntu Linux desktop environment
Documentation and design
2000 - 2006
Senior Systems Programmer
University of Queensland UQ Website
St Lucia, Queensland
Development of web based portal, my.uq.edu.au
Winner of MIS Magazine national innovation award. More Information
Servicing 40,000+ students and staff
Advanced PHP
Web Application Security
MySQL Administration
Advanced Javascript
Extensive SQL
Extensive Perl
CVS Administration
CSS W3 Standards Compliance
Content Management system
XML parsing and writing
LDAP Directory Server interfacing
Oracle : tables, triggers, sequences, some PL/SQL
Solaris and Redhat server environment
Fedora Linux desktop environment
Documentation and design
2000 - 2002
Assistant System Administrator
Eservers Pty. Ltd. Eservers Website
2001 - 2002
Squirrels Restaurant
1999 - 2000
Technology Officer
Environmental Protection Agency EPA Website
PASS Leader
Queensland University of Technology
Timber Packer
Allied Timber Products
Research Assistant
Natural Replanting Association
1994 - 1995
Superannuation Administrator
Armstrong Jones Life.
1990 - 1993
Assistant Superannuation Administrator
National Catholic Superannuation Fund
Data Entry Operator
Australian Wool Corporation
To produce high quality work utilising non proprietary technologies.
To enjoy my professional career.
To develop personally and as part of a team.
To work in an interesting and enjoyable environment.
To contribute to the wider community.
Interests and Activities
Music, cycling, philosophy, cooking, billiards, etc.
Volunteer work with a number of organisations.
Other Educational
MySQL Diploma - Only Australian course taken by official MySQL AB 2003 Copy of MySQL Diploma
STAT (University entrance exam) Top 1% Copy of STAT Results
Golden Key Society Website
Inside Your Computer - computer hardware short course Homesglen College of TAFE 1996
Other Information
British (European Union) and Australian Passport Holder.
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