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Like many people, music is a deep part of me. I've played guitar for many years, and finally decided to put some tracks down when I wanted to know what The Lotus In Samsara sounded like, because I couldn't play the guitar and sing it at the same time.

This is hard core budget recording. I already had a guitar, amp etc, I've used all free Open Source sound programmes like Audacity, SWH and CMT ladspa libraries, libJack and the Hydrogen drum machine and I got a headset with a microphone on it for free from a conference. My only outlay thus far has been a few dollars for a plug convertor to have my amp go into my pc.

I've really enjoyed doing them, although thinking of other people listening to them has a bit of cringe factor about it, I put them up because my webpage would be incomplete without my music, because it is a large part of who I am.

If you have a reasonable speed connection, most of the songs will take a few minutes to download, depending on how big they are (which is listed after each song).

They are ordered by heaviness so if you want something mellow try the last song....

Masters of Mankind Noam Chomsky put to a deep groove. Heavy.

If Only... Experiment using Martin Luther King speech. Medium Mellow.

The Lotus in Samsara First acoustic song recorded on my pc. Mellow.

Music Links people who make music I am inspired by and links to websites about them.

Cameron Green
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