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This is such an awesome project....this is what the internet is all about. Start here with the Wikipedia on libertarian socialism, which is close to how I define myself politically, and follow links that you are interested in. Warning : You may never return. btw this is where having Mozilla (or Firefox) load up new tabs from middle clicks comes in handy. As I am reading through the page, anything that looks interesting I ctrl-click on (or middle click which I set in my preferences to open a new tab), it opens a new tab and loads the page in the vackground, leaving me to read my current page as is.
TV The Simpsons
The Awful Truth
The Twilight Zone
Media Watch
Authors Noam Chomsky Articles and audio
J.R.R. Tolkien
George Orwell
Aldous Huxley
Kurt Vonnegut Jnr
Lyall Watson
William Shakespeare All of his works, online for free!
John Pilger
People Mark Carey-Smith no page, but here is his QUT staff member page : )
Nishchal Kush Kush's homepage, plenty of photos n stuff.
Conrad Leviston, plays the lute.
Andrew Wild has a few pages firstly his company e-jaz and secondly the meta-search engine I highly recommend Search66.
Leong Ong uni friend who has moved to England and has a blog here.
Mark Bathie runs a global cvs server called cvsdude. Mark and I work together at UQ.

Cameron Green
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