Dogon Mystery-An African Tribe with unexplainable knowledge of the stars
The Pyramids-What secrets do these ancient structures hold?
Piri Reis Maps-Uncanny maps dating back centuries
The Tunguska Incident-A blast that decimated the Siberian wilderness in 1907
Hitlers Discs-Germany Involved in Disc Experiments
Capt. Mantell-US Airforce Pilot Killed in U.F.O. Incident
Roswell-The famous Roswell Incident in New Mexico
The Washington Flap-Saucers fly directly over the Whitehouse
Official Investigations-Government inquiries that found nothing new
Dreamland (Area 51)-Test sight of Recovered Alien Vehicles
Bill Cooper-Ex-Military member with access to Top Secret data comes forward
Abductions-Human beings, kidnapped and violated
Cattle Mutilations-Tens of thousands of animals mutilated
Crop Circles-Strange concentric patterns in fields


I look up at the stars in the sky and wonder what is the point of all those cosmic axis's spinning in their silent dance if there is no consciousness to comprehend them. It is indeed a show on a grand scale for nothing but the dead matter amidst its movements to conceive. Strangely enough though and contrary to what we have generally been taught, the chance that this universe is barren except for one little blue green rock is an improbable one.

Discoveries of live bacteria floating in space going back as far as 1937 and the more recent uncovering of the piece of a meteorite from Mars with evidence of bacteria having once lived on it (although curiosly the N.A.S.A. space probe Viking, launched twenty years ago failed to find a single organic molecule) and that water has existed on Mars in large quantities are perhaps the first step in what may be a Copernican revolution of the human mind. In fact that somewhere in the cosmos there have evolved other forms of intelligent life is numerically almost a certainty. As the well stated scientific theory goes, even if the statistical probability of life forming in a solar system is a millionth of one percent, the sheer unfathomable size of the universe and the amount of planetary objects contained within it make it very likely that we are not as alone as we might think. N.A.S.A. has estimated that in our galaxy alone their are fifty million stars capable of supporting life. Given the similarity in chemical make-up and general structure of these solar systems we might even one day discover that this amazing universe has a propensity towards life. We are the greatest evidence of this possibility and to deny even the chance of the existence of extraterrestrial life would take a very closed mind indeed.

It is one thing to believe in the possibility of the existence of some form of extraterrestrial (depending on your perspective) life and quite another to believe that said life has been traversing the vast distances of space to visit earth throughout our history, as maintained by the general body of U.F.O. cultists. It is my belief that there is more evidence to support the latter (less palatable) viewpoint than the average person is aware of, but the truth seems to have been clouded in a web of disinformation. My intention here is to present some of the substantial "evidence" that some form of intelligent life has and is visiting this planet in the belief that the questions raised within it are in some way important to us all.

Before I get too far in trying to establish any case I would like to say that it is obvious that a large part of this phenomena has its origins in a no more fantastic place than the human imagination. Ninety percent of sightings are explained even to the satisfaction of most witnesses. Carl Jung the famous psychologist dedicated an entire book to the topic believing it to be a delusion created by the collective consciousness and giving some credence to his theory was the recently reported incident of a girl believing herself to have been abducted whilst two friends watched her never leave their side. Countless sightings and films have been discovered to be in error or plainly fraudulent and even I myself have witnessed attempts to report falsified accounts.

But I think many have thrown the baby out with the bath-water, as it were. To say that there is no evidence to support either hypothesis would be demonstrably false, so it seems at best a multi-faceted phenomena and this probably accounts for the confusion surrounding it.

To find the truth we need to go beyond hypotheses that are surely only products of our limited comprehension and try to deal directly with the manifold bizarre occurrences which enable a large number of people to believe that we are not alone.

And so it begins...

During an interview with a N.A.S.A. scientist regarding their knowledge of U.F.O.'s the scientist, who had appeared dismissive up to that point suddenly let loose this very interesting fact. In the progressive growth of our D.N.A. there is a very large gap which science is unable to explain. It is not a large gap of time, it is a gap of advancement which as the scientist explains is impossible to account for given our current knowledge of evolution as he says "on earth". We don't appear to have evolved at this point, we appear to have suddenly skipped a few rungs. Now whilst this scientist seems to think that this is the area most likely to reveal extraterrestrial involvement, there is much through time that merits further investigation.

There is a perception that U.F.O. phenomena is one strictly of the latter half of the twentieth century, however there are many questions lying in our remote past which cannot be resolved with our current view of world history. Foremost amongst the protagonists of this theory is author Erich Von Daniken.

In his groundbreaking work "Chariots of the Gods?" Von Daniken looks at the extraordinary similarities in culture and traditions of many of our distant ancestors. Ancient people it seems had an obsession with worshipping and depicting gods who came down from the skies and gave them knowledge.

The Australian Aborigines had their strange Wandjinas , the Sumerians who suddenly appeared out of nowhere with their advanced culture had a circle with wings on either side, and often a god depicted within the circle, the Mayans temple walls were filled with pictures of gods wearing strange headgear riding down from heaven in chariots, the traditional name of the atoll next to Easter Island means Island of the Bird-people whilst their cliffs abound with carvings of these winged beings and to quote the book "There is no known place in the world were such innumerable illustrations of winged symbols of the gods are preserved as in Egypt". The list of similar ancient legends goes on and on.

Add to these ancient texts which time after time refer to their gods descending from heaven in fiery chariots, distributing knowledge of various types and ascending once again usually with messages that they would one day return. Tibetan books still not completely deciphered to this day, speak of gods coming from the sky, living in luminous pearls and transparent spheres. Hindu texts speak of machines powered by Mercury blasting into the sky. Tablets in Baghdad museum over five thousand years old discuss creatures who came to earth from the heavens amidst bursts of smoke and fire. In the Epic of Gilgamesh one of the chroniclers after rising skyward in a "space chariot" for 12 hours, writes of his impressions gazing down at the seas and at earth. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls speak of Sons of Heaven who came to earth in strange vehicles, the arrivals and departures of which were also accompanied by clouds of smoke and fire. Anyway I could go on and on but these things are not really a point of debate anyway. What is in question is whether these tales have some basis in reality or are just all extremely coincidental myths.

(An interesting modern day example of how easily a new religion can be formed after primitive people encounter members of a technically advanced culture could be found after the Second World War. Tribes on islands of the Pacific soon began constructing bamboo and straw airplanes and crude runways in an effort to entice the US Soldiers who had visited them back. The reason for this, was that they thought that with their ability to fly and amazing weapons they must be gods, who else but gods could do such things as never hunt yet never want for food.)

In Africa the similar "myths" are as common as they are anywhere else. Many tribes have messenger gods who came from the heavens bearing agriculture and tools. Amongst them dwell a very special people numbering about 225,000 who live on the Bandiagara Plateau in the country of Mali.

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The Dogon have since 1931 been the subject of numerous research forays most notably by the author Robert Temple in his book "The Sirius Mystery". The thing that separates the Dogon from other tribes and cultures is that they have managed to maintain not only their traditional "myths", but they have also retained specific details about where their gods said they came from. The Dogon people have handed down through hundreds of generations, ceremonies and rites related to the course of a star called Sirius B, (also known as the Dogstar) which is totally invisible to the naked eye. A star which was not discovered by astronomers until well after they were enabled by the invention of the telescope in 1834.

The information which they are able to relate about the special characteristics of Sirius B, her position, gravitational aspects and her orbiting bodies is so conclusive that the only counter argument so far is that they have obtained the information from eighteenth century missionaries. Of course the missionaries must have had a zeal to teach the Dogon the finer points of the astronomy of one invisible star system and there were aspects of the information even then they would be unable to know. I find it difficult to believe that these missionaries couldn't force Christianity on the heathens but managed to get them to base their religion on trivial pieces of astronomy. Luckily, as the Dogons have kept the ceremonial masks and mugs of their ancestors relating to these rituals there is evidence that they have been performed for time immemorial discounting even the implausible missionary theory.

While the "Sirius Mystery" has itself taken up many books there are other evidences of ancient peoples possessing uncanny knowledge about astronomical movements. For instance there is a cave in a place called Kohistan with an exact replica of the heavens drawn on its ceiling, as they were ten thousand years ago, with the Earth and Venus connected by lines. Another example is a calendar found in Tiahuanaco in South America which takes the earths rotation into account, something the Mayans apparently knew and which the Dogon legends seem to contain.

Was the knowledge simply lost for a few thousand years, like the ancient Romans ability to make concrete, which we only discovered again almost two thousand years later? It seems self evident that what we believed to be primitive cultures, from continents that have been separated for tens of thousands of years, appear to have known things we believe to be part of our great advancement.

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I can't go much further without discussing Khufu's great legacy to history the great pyramid of Cheops, at Giza. All of us have seen the artists conception of thousands of slaves lugging the blocks on rollers whilst some guy perched on top flailed away at them. Of course this "conception" which has been taught to us by rote, requires twenty thousand slaves working for six hundred years (or thirty generations) to logically complete the task, even though no signs have been found of such a huge camp ever having existed.

Now, despite the difficulties of getting huge rollers in a country without anything other than the soft wood of Date Palm trees and of procuring the two and a half million, two and a half tonne blocks from a quarry in the Macadam mountains on the far side of the Nile, we still do not know how they were built. Even were you to have the human resources of every continent at your behest, you could still not make a copy of the oldest and last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World.

As you would expect there are many more things about the great pyramid which taunt our sense of coincidence. Two shafts lead out of the main burial chamber upwards to the surface of the pyramid, but stop short for reasons unknown. For many years these shafts were presumed to be nothing more than symbolic air vents, however with our modern knowledge of astrology it has been found that they point to two star systems symbolising two of Egypt's greatest deities, Osiris and Isis. The first is the constellation of Orion, which turns up frequently in literature discussing extraterrestrial life, and the second is none other than the constellation of Sirius, which the Dogon appear to know so much about.

Further to this correlation, the two larger pyramids of Giza and the smaller pyramid (usually wrongly termed the queens pyramid) appear to be placed in exactly the same positions as the three major stars of the Orion constellation. The two larger stars being in a straight line with the third smaller star being slightly offset, exactly as the three "great" pyramids are placed.

The great pyramid contains a number of mathematical peculiarities such as if you divide the area of its base by twice its height you get the exact figure of Pi (3.1415926535897932384626...)something which wasn't known to us until four thousand years after the pyramids were constructed. Also an uncanny coincidence is that if a straight meridian line were drawn through the center of the pyramids, and was continued onwards to encircle the earth, you would find the continents and the oceans divided exactly in half. There is a calculation found within them of the earths weight which appears to defy what we believe earlier peoples perceptions of the nature of earth construction were. Add to this the fact that the pyramids themselves are built with such fantastic accuracy that the constructors of today's architecture could but hope to approach the skills of these ancient stonemasons.

In other part of Egypt lies another question etched in the living stone from this ancient culture, the statue of Rameses the Second, weighing 1,200 tons and hewn from a single piece of rock. The largest of our modern cranes would not even be able to disturb it, yet ancient man carted it from the Macadam quarry, 370 miles away to its final resting place. Other relics of similar colossal proportions dot this enigmatic landscape. An example of how difficult this procedure is even for modern man is when the temple of Abu Simbal was moved sixty feet due to the building of the Aswan Dam, people from a hundred countries were called upon to assist in the project and it took three years to complete. Not only did huge cranes have to be implemented, but the huge structures were required to have thousands of measurements of the minutest detail taken and they were then sawn into pieces and rebuilt on the later site, something which they somehow managed to do without three thousand years earlier.

Ancient Egypt was by no means isolated in their mysterious masonry however. We can refer to cultures developing supposedly independently on separate continents. Monuments in South America such as one in Peru which weighs over twenty thousand tons, which some force unknown to the hand of man has turned upside down. To island fortresses in the pacific where monolithic stones have been transported hundreds of miles by sea, to the famous Easter Island itself where a population which is never believed to have risen above four thousand built hundreds of huge stone sculptures weighing hundreds of tonnes without any trees to transport them with. Again in South America there are stone walls with rocks each weighing up to two hundred tons, which have been placed together with such accuracy that they have no need of mortar or any other joining apparatus and they are so accurately cut that a thin knife blade cannot be wedged into the joins, walls which are almost identical in structure to ones also found amidst the other foreboding structures on Easter Island. Then we have the famous "Stone of the South", weighing an incredible two thousand tons which although it ended up never being delivered, ancient records tell us was due to be transported to a site two hours drive by car from Beirut where it is located. Even the Romans built a temple on a terrace of rock already ancient at that time, which was constructed of pieces of stone weighing up to two thousand tons. All of these amazing structures are large, boding reminders of power and majesty we can but wonder at.

Its not just astronomy and family sized architecture either that stares back taunting our sense of disbelief from the past. In the Baghdad Museum there are electric dry batteries constructed in small clay pots which were filled with sulphuric acid to create a charge, not to mention electric elements and copper electrodes. In Helwan there is a piece of fabric so unbelievably fine that it could only be woven today in a special factory with great technical experience. In Dehli, India there is an iron pillar that defies all logical explanations by never rusting. In Egypt and Iraq there were finds of cut crystal lenses which today can only be made using oxides procured from an electro-chemical process. In both China and South America platinum has been melted requiring a temperature of some 1300C, further to this connection a beautiful ancient five strand necklace found in a burial pyramid in Gautemala was constructed of jade that could only have come from China.

Questions, you can see why Von Daniken (despite perhaps a dose of over enthusiasm) startled inquiring minds around the world with his theories. Much of his work which I haven't begun to go into here, deals with ambiguous references in ancient religious texts. One day our future will lead to our distant past. Anyway, one last piece of classic information taken almost directly from "Chariots" which is a subtle way of moving closer to our ( hopefully mid) point in evolution and time.

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In the early eighteenth century a collection of maps and atlases once belonging to a Turkish naval officer named Admiral Piri Reis and already ancient at the time were discovered. The oldest has been dated to the first century B.C. and it is believed that it was probably a copy of an even older map. Initially it appeared they contained reproductions of the Mediterranean and areas surrounding the Dead Sea.

They were handed over to a US cartographer for examination, who confirmed the remarkable fact that all the geographical data were present, but that they were not drawn in the correct positions. Confused he sought the help of a U.S. Navy Hydrographic Bureau cartographer. Constructing a grid they transferred the maps to a modern globe. They then discovered that the maps were absolutely accurate and not only in regards to the Mediterranean and Dead Sea. The coasts of North and South America were not only outlined, but also included the topography of the interiors. Mountain ranges, mountain peaks, islands, rivers and plateaux were all detailed with extreme accuracy. One of the maps which dates from 1532 portrays Antarctica although its existence as a continent was only established in the 19th century. Needless to say that according to the current status quo, the technology for this sort of exhaustive survey was simply not possessed by humankind at this time.

In 1957 the maps were handed over to the Director of the Western Observatory, also a cartographer in the US Navy. After scrupulous tests he also confirmed that the maps were fantastically accurate, even about regions which had scarcely been explored at the time and including mountain ranges in the Antarctic which were not discovered until 1952. These ranges have been covered in ice for at least hundreds of years and our present day maps have only been able to be completely drawn with the aid of echo-sounding apparatus.

Comparison with modern photographs of our globe taken from satellites showed that the originals of Piri Reis's maps must have been aerial surveys from a great height (min. 1.5km) directly above the city of Cairo. Owing to the spherical shape of the earth, the continents away from the centre of our current photographs "sink downwards". South America appears strangely distorted lengthways in Piri Reis maps, exactly as it does in photographs taken from U.S. lunar probes.

The maps are still held in a museum in Istanbul. Proof? Evidence? or just something perfectly logical that we cannot yet explain?

From Stones to the Skies

At this stage despite the correlation of the Dogon between the myth and the ritual, you could still probably say that all I have really shown is that humanity has been far more technologically advanced than we have given ourselves credit for. That is maybe the simple truth, but as we move onward from the remainders of the past to more modern events things appear to point beyond the hand of any human.

As the written word became more accessible to the masses, claims of anomalies began to take on characteristics more familiar to the reader of modern esoterica. This seems to establish that objects which today would be instantly labelled U.F.O.'s have at the very least been flitting around our atmosphere for hundreds of years, long before anyone wondered if they were extraterrestrial beings.

Throughout antiquity and into the middle ages reports are recorded. The ancient Romans used to call such sightings "fiery shields". Others were termed "bloody red spheres" and "fiery spears", the Irish minstrels sang of mysterious piloted craft flying through the skies, with strange beings inside.

The mere thought of such a thing as alien life was indeed considered as heresy. In the year 1600 a Dominican Monk Jordano Bruno was actually burned at the stake for daring to assume that life would exist elsewhere, that their might be other inhabited worlds in the cosmos.

One of the oldest to resemble todays sightings occured in 1561 when a cigar-shaped craft hovered over Nueromberg, Germany.

One famous early account from 1663 was seen by hundreds of people. A group of churchgoers standing outside after mass, witnessed an object hurtling around the sky and could say nothing but that it was a sign from god, as maybe many people had done down through time before them. This sign from god took the shape of a huge ball of fire descending from above on a clear day. It cris-crossed the small Russian town of Robozero and nearby waterway at least twice, severely burning several local fisherman. There is no known natural phenomenon at the time or even now that could achieve this effect, especially considered its seeming multi-directional capabilities.

Robozero was unusually well documented for this period of history as the reigning monarch requested a report about the incident, but perhaps we can assume this was not a totally isolated occurence. Moving onward, we can witness the burgeoning fascination of mankind with scientific method as opposed to the traditional religious frame of reference.

Some nineteenth century anomalies begin with a report in the London Times on the 25th of September, 1870 that a strange elliptical (oval-shaped) object had been seen crossing the face of the moon. A year later in Marseilles, France a large round device moved slowly across the sky at extreme altitudes. In Texas, January 25th, 1878 the Denison Daily news reported a mans encounter with a device he prophetically described as "like a large saucer". In Kattenau, Germany on the 22nd of March, 1880 several bright luminous objects were reported. In 1885 the Bermuda Royal Gazette published an account of a large round object which had been seen over their islands whilst later that year in Turkey a huge round machine was witnessed hovering over Constantinople. During 1887 a Dutch ships Captain saw two mysterious objects fall into the sea which he swore were not meteors. There were also other reports around this time from New Zealand, the Dutch East Indies, England and Scotland.

It's interesting that sightings which could be explained by advanced US government testing goes back to the days of the airship. In the 1890's a mysterious wave of airship sightings captured headlines across many parts of the United States. Between 1896 and 1897 thousands of people reported that they had seen airships flying around, landing and completing manoeuvres at a time when even the European countries (which were far in advance of the US in this field) could not get their airships to do much more than float and hover. These ships were described as being cigar shaped and driven by motors and propellers, exactly as they were when they were finally constructed and flown a decade later.

Some interesting early incidences, reminiscent of more modern sightings occurred around the turn of the century. In 1897 a strange aerial machine with red, white and green lights was reported by thousands of civilians and also by astronomers in several Mid-west States of the U.S. Newspaper accounts discussing the matter were later published in Chicago and other cities around the country. In 1904 a gentleman who was to be the future Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet witnessed three lights travelling across the sky in file, before finally ascending to the clouds and disappearing. In 1919 an object described as long and black made a low flight over Madison Square in New York City and was witnessed by hundreds of people. It is difficult to know exactly what was thought by the witnesses of these objects as many of these incidences aren't well documented. We can notice though, the progressive way in which they were being perceived.

Before we leave more distant history completely it's interesting to note that it isn't purely objects of the flying nature dubiously descending from the firmament. There is a bizarre history of materials simply dropping from the sky going back to the Roman times. None of these substances have yet proved to be anything unknown on earth. Some have been composed of magnesium, aluminium, chromium and even tin, some have been blocks of ice weighing hundreds of pounds and some have been illogical objects such as stone pillars. In more modern times coloured balls have been discovered dropped over a wide area in France. During 1963 in the Australian outback three metal spheres which were 14 inches in diameter were found, after unsuccessful attempts to open the spheres they were handed over to the U.S.A.F. In 1967 in Mexico a titanium sphere dropped out of the sky and similarly one in Arkansas constructed of steel. Tales of animal parts and blood are also part of the eerier side of this mystery.

One of the largest objects to have inexplicably fallen from our skies has been called the "Tungus Incident" and it is conversely notorious because of the debris it did not leave behind.

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In a Russian region of Siberia called Tunguska on the thirtieth of June 1908, hundreds of eye witnesses claim that a ball of light that bedazzled the eyes fell from the heavens. It crashed into the earth with a deafening noise that could be heard up to 800km away and sent up a huge mushroom cloud from a blast two thousand times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. It devastated 20 million square kilometres of the virgin Siberian forests and flattened millions of trees. Whole vast herds of reindeer disappeared and small towns in the region simply vanished. The light which it gave off was so intense that for three nights after the crash in London and Paris it was possible to read a newspaper in the middle of the night.

Scientists assumed it was a meteorite but due to the generally inaccessible nature of the region were unable to send out any sort of researchers until 1921 when people began to search the Siberian forests for the fallen object without success.

It was at this point that the meteorite theory which had generally been held began to fall apart, as anything of the size necessary to cause such an immense explosion would have to leave substantial debris. Also strange that although comets and asteroids have been colliding with earth since time immemorial leaving craters ranging from a few feet to over 5,000 square miles, there was no trace of even a relatively small crater.

As more scientists became involved in the ground work it was ascertained that the object could not have merely fallen to the earth and that it had in fact altered its course whilst in our atmosphere, something which is not possible for any known form of meteorite to have done. It was also ascertained that the object had for some inexplicable reason exploded ten kilometres above terra firma, even though it had survived the earths atmospheric belt intact. Pieces of metal were found in the surrounding area, but no other evidence of rock or anything else that comets, asteroids and meteorites are known to be constructed of. Even more startling was the subsequent discovery that it had left behind traces of radiation, which begin to explain the reported mushroom cloud. It might also explain the anomaly that since the time of the impact, trees around the area have grown at up to three times the normal rate.

What nuclear device "fell" from the skies over decades before our scientists discovered the secrets of splitting the atom. Over sixty separate studies have been completed since the Tungus incident and the only theory which cannot be completely dismissed as being fundamentally flawed is that an craft or missile of unknown origin was involved. As I wrap up "The Tungus Incident" might I just add that it is not the only place on our globe where traces of radiation which did not occur naturally have been found. Like many of the other mysteries, the evidence still lies there amongst the Russian foothills waiting for someone with the necessary comprehension and imagination to unravel.

A few short years later the World was plunged into a conflict the scale of which it had never seen before. During the First World War or what was called at the time The Great War, bright lights were often seen over battlefields, to the astonishment of troops from both sides of the struggle, who both suspected it might be some sort of secret weapon of their opposing forces. An even more popular belief at the time amongst the rank and file was that they were angels come to watch over the battlefields, over the insanity of humankind. After the war it was ascertained by both sides that these objects belonged to neither and these strange "angels" have therefore like so many other things to this day remained a mystery.

Aerial objects strangely appearing in the skies may even be more mundane and be easily recognisable, however no less incomprehensible to the people who witness them. During 1933 and 1934 numerous sightings of what were termed "Ghost Planes" were reported in the skies around Scandinavia. Often these grey monoplanes with no identifying insignia were reported flying in conditions which no conventional craft could manage, and gliding with their engines turned off something which at the time could no aircraft could have achieved. The Swedish Air Force took them seriously enough to conduct a thorough search in which twenty four aircraft participated, however they met with no success. A statement by a Swedish officer to the press maintained that although it was "impossible to explain away the whole thing as imagination, the question is: Who are they? And why have they been invading our air territory." Indeed a statement which might still bear relevance today.

The Second World War was even more fertile ground for sightings than the first. Again we see an evolution in the comprehension of them as the intellect of man matures, no longer seen as angels, instead people started looking for more human explanations.

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The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed - Adolf Hitler

It is a little known fact that during the Second World War strange objects were often seen over battlefields, and reports of these objects by the allied troops increased dramatically towards the end of the war in 1945. Most thought them some sort of experimental enemy aircraft, thus they were given various nicknames such as "Kraut Balls", with the most famous today (due to a rock band named after them) being "Foo-fighters". One news story at the time stated "The Nazi's have thrown something new into the night skies over Germany. It is the weird mysterious "foo-fighter" balls which race alongside the wings of Fighters...Pilots have been encountering this eerie weapon for more than a month...No one apparently knows what this sky weapon is. The "balls of fire" appear suddenly and accompany the planes for miles....They seem to be radio controlled from the ground...".

Maybe they were witnessing the Nazi's latest super secret weapon, one which fortunately for the rest of the world came too late to have any great impact on the war.

According to reports in German newspapers during the nineteen fifties, a Luftwaffe aeronautical engineer named Rudolph Schriever had designed what was termed a Flying Top in 1941. A prototype was flown in 1942 and with other colleagues they then went on to construct a much larger disc in 1944, the year when most of the sightings of foo-fighters took place. A description of what was termed "Projekt Saucer" and other reports, although disagreeing in some details, state that the discs were somewhere between 32 and 42 metres in diameter and that they could reach heights of up to 12,000 metres and attain horizontal flight speeds of up to 2,000 kilometres per hour.

The inventor Rudolph Schriever consequently stated that he had certainly worked on Projekt Saucer and that although his flying disc had been ready for thorough testing in early 1945, the advancing allied troops caused the project to be abandoned. The machine was subsequently disassembled and his papers disappeared either deliberately or otherwise. He died shortly after his disclosures, apparently convinced that the post war spate of U.F.O. sightings were evidence that someone had actualised his experiments.

Another name which looms large from this tragic period of human history is Viktor Schauberger. He was an Austrian inventor and visionary who used the natural world as his source of inspiration. He was interested in constructing prototypes of machines that produced harmonious forms of energy, using principles that were beneficial to the natural order rather than the destructive combustion orientated devices which we have only made more efficient to this day. When Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938, Schaubergers astounding work came under the auspices of the German high command.

He was drafted (despite being 58) to lead a unit of conscripts, and in 1943 had obviously aroused the ire of his superior officers and found himself being sent to a psychiatric institution. Around this point the German command became interested in using his work and he was transferred to the Mauthasen concentration camp. He was there sent a note from Himmler which threatened to hang him and harm his family unless he agreed to build him a flying craft which levitated without burning any fuel.

Schauberger and a team of scientists at his disposal set about building working models of flying discs according to his revolutionary principles. The craft were found to have extraordinary handling capabilities and they managed to attain remarkable speeds (estimated at up to 2,200 k.p.h.). The information is inconclusive as to exactly what point their work reached, but it is obvious that they were creating craft which had characteristics which might be able to approach some of the aeronautical feats reported to have been achieved by U.F.O.'s.

What eventually happened to Schauberger's and Schriever's research? The answer to that question is believed to be that the US and Russian armies divided up the models, diagrams and material for inclusion in their own scientific programmes.

Evidence of this is can be found that in 1958 two men that are only described as "American Agents" convinced the seventy three year old Viktor to accompany them to the USA. Upon his arrival, the elderly Viktor was detained in stifling Texas heat (compared with his home country Austria) and solicited into writing down everything he knew. After carefully recording Viktors theories and discoveries they promptly then informed him that he no longer owned the rights to any of it and that it was now the property of the United States Government. At seventy three Viktor Schauberger returned home a disenchanted and broken man who didn't even own his lifes work, he died four days later.

To give you some idea of the significance that Schaubergers work still has decades later, when in the 1980's an independent researcher attempted to acquire his writings from the U.S. Government through the Freedom of Information Act he was denied by a form letter stating that the material may be (was) related to national security.

Apart from these examples of secret German experiments, I have seen evidence that may relate to at least one other branch of this scientific effort which also thankfully never achieved its full potential. However it was stated that over thirty fully functional discs of two different sizes may have been constructed before the end of the war and some even piloted. There is one particularly disquieting photograph I have seen of a landed human made U.F.O. at close range, which when zoomed in on bears a very clear swastika on its side.

In closing on this generally unknown chapter of history I might quote a remark by Sir Roy Feddon who was the leader of a British Technical Mission to Germany after the War. "I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realise that, if they had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly weapon developments in air warfare".

It had always confused me that so many observations seemed to be light phenomenon whilst some were the classic fifties metallic disc, and I believe the knowledge we now have about Hitlers flying discs begins to explain part of that enigma. Maybe the writer of a piece of graffiti a friend told me about, knew something when they wrote "There are two types of U.F.O.'s, Alien and American".

As I said this is a multi-faceted phenomenon and one of those facets is the involvement of the governments. Is it purely coincidence that both the Russian and US waves of sightings are acknowledged as beginning during the 1946/47 period?

So we know the US and perhaps the Russians are involved in the research of experimental craft way, way beyond the level perceived by the public. As we shall discuss later, in the mid eighties at an United States Air Force base popularly known as Area 51 or Dreamland in Groom Lake, U.S.A. up to a hundred people have sat and watched craft doing things that no known aircraft could conceivably do, night after night and the information maintains that Russian technology is equally advanced. Startling as this is though, it seems just a piece of the puzzle.

Post-WW II, the "Sighting" phenomenon entered into new proportions, beginning with the famous sighting in 1947 by pilot Kenneth Arnold of nine glittering objects he described as being like two saucers one facing on top of the other, hence the popular nickname "Flying Saucers". Around this time the term Unidentified Flying Object was also coined and this seems to be an example of the progressive maturity of humanities collective intellect who once could only comprehend these strange objects as derivative from the gods.

Who knows how many sightings there have been throughout history? One survey found that over ninety percent aren't even reported. They have been seen on every continent (even Antarctica) some by a lone mystified observer and a surprising number have been witnessed by thousands. In the US during the seventies a Morgan Gallup pole was done to which over eleven percent of the respondents stated they had seen what they believe may not have been a craft of this world. That is a possible twenty six million people in the US alone and the worldwide figure is estimated at forty million sightings. Even if ninety nine percent of them were crackpots (especially possible in the USA) we are still talking about hundreds of thousands of incidents in a single generation.

Their have been incidents in which hundreds, even thousands of people have made sightings at the same time. In Mexico City during a solar eclipse an object (which the Mexicans call Ovni's) was in plain view for some time. No less than twelve people at the same time in different parts of the city videotaped the object from different angles. Following the incident Mexican newspapers ran pictures of traffic jams, where hundreds of people had gotten out of their cars to look at the objects in the sky.

Filmed footage is very compelling, one of the most famous being during the test flight of the revolutionary Concorde Airplane, which showing a small light object dancing aroung the airplane flying. It has been dismissed as something on the film, but anyone who sees the footage can't help but have some doubts by its movements that they are seeing an object 'inspecting' the Concorde.

One of the most fertile sources of filmed footage has been N.A.S.A., who have always denied any involvement, knowledge or interest in such phenomenon (many believe this might be related to their funding and the image they wish to portray). In 1985 they released footage going all the way back to the 1956 flight about Gemini 4, when astronaut James McDivot filmed an anomalous object. Indeed so many manned flights have videotaped objects that when the famous mission to the moon filmed such an object, it wasn't even considered news worthy.

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One of the first disturbances to gain widespread media (and therefore public) attention was called the Mantell episode in 1947. This episode seems to show that the military certainly weren't controlling all these devices.

Early in the afternoon in the skies over Madisonville, Kentucky an Unidentified Flying Object was seen by hundreds of people and later by thousands of people throughout the state. The State Police contacted Fort Knox warning them of the object estimating it to be over 250 feet (80 metres) in diameter.

Thirty minutes later it was sighting flying past Godman air base not far from Fort Knox, glowing red and white as it hovered above the field. Flying past in their F51's on a training flight were veteran pilot Captain Thomas Mantell and three other airmen under his command. Capt. Mantell was contacted by Godman Tower and asked to investigate the mysterious object.

After climbing through the clouds and locating the object Mantell reported back to the tower, "I've sighted the thing. It looks metallic and it's tremendous in size...Now it's starting to climb...". After a short silence he contacted the tower again, "It's still above me, making my speed or better. I'm going up to twenty thousand feet. If I'm no closer I'll abandon chase".

Such were Major Mantells last words. His body was found atwixt the wreckage of his jet later that day 90 miles from Godman airfield. Witnesses to the blast say Mantell's plane seemed to explode in midair and upon investigation it was ascertained that although there were no signs of fire, his fighter appeared to have disintegrated before it hit the ground.

The Mantell case was carried by newspapers the next day however the Air-force would release none of the photo's of the pilot or wreckage to the press for further investigation. Ostensibly this was out of respect for Mantells relatives.

Whilst the Mantell incident was isolated in that it involved the death of a pilot, everything else about the episode was being duplicated around the world by experienced radar operators, pilots and ground witnesses, both civilian and military.

The whole U.F.O. question was continuing to gather irresistible momentum amidst a wary post-war public. Fearing the sort of mass hysteria that the reading of H.G. Well's fictitious account of aliens invading the earth, War of the Worlds, had created in Britain, the US Government had from the outset decided to maintain a tight lid on all information relating to the phenomenon. One theory was that if they verified the existence of these objects which could do things way beyond the current capacity of the U.S.A.F. and also that they had no idea what they were, some other nation might claim they were theirs in an effort to incite fear amongst the US public. Even at this early stage the beginnings of the cold war between the U.S.S.R. and the USA were well under-way.

So there is no doubt the Air Force and by association the government by their own admission was already beginning to deliberately deceive the US Public, so the questions of debate are really just for what purposes and to what extent? Our next stop in ascertaining the truth is a town called Roswell.

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During 1947, in and around the US town of Roswell in New Mexico, locals reported witnessing a number of strange, unexplained lights in the sky. Sometime between mid June and early July of that year during a raging storm, locals remember seeing a strange light and after it careered across the sky at high speeds of hearing an explosion and a flash of blue-green light they swear was neither thunder nor lightning. Simultaneously radar operators at a nearby base who had been tracking a mystery object witnessed its disappearance from their screens.

Later a farmhand named Mack Brazell came across some unknown material on the ranch where he worked which his sheep refused to go near. Mystified he took some pieces to his neighbour, who still lives on the ranch and is now eighty three years old, he showed her a strange kind of plastic which neither of them had seen before. He also told her of other unusual things at the sight, a form of metal that was thin and pliable, but when it was crunched up it would immediately snap back into shape as if by magic, he also told her of strange beams of metal with indecipherable pinkish purple writing on it.

Soon after others in the area who had witnessed or heard the crash made towards the area, only to find that it had been cordoned off by large numbers of military personnel who had set up blocks on all to roads to the site. This however was not before a number of civilians came across the wreckage of the crash, and another some miles away at a distant location.

The army whisked away the debris in a series of large trucks, reportedly coming and going for some time to a hangar at the local army base. An amazing statement was then authorised to be released to the press by the officer in charge of public relations. The extraordinary headline of the Roswell Daily Record that afternoon was "R.A.A.F. Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region".

News men flocked to Roswell hoping for what they thought was the scoop of a lifetime. For a week the town of Roswell was the attention of the world, the story made headlines in every country whilst US radio stations broadcast hourly bulletins to keep people informed of the latest developments. Approximately a week after the reported incident however, at the instruction of a General Ramey they were informed that it had all been an unfortunate mis-identification and that what had really been found was the remains of a weather balloon (reports of bodies were not mentioned at this time). General Ramey then organised the first military personnel to witness the object, Major Jesse Marcel to be pictured alongside the tattered but by no means unrecognisable remains of a weather balloon. The military had wrapped up the mystery so conclusively that it was not even mentioned in their extensive subsequent study of U.F.O.'s, project Blue Book. As an interesting side note, apparently the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin who had heard about the Roswell was not as easily put off by the subsequent denial as most, he had apparently asked one of his top scientific advisers for an assessment of the Roswell Incident and was advised that the recovered alien craft was in fact real and not something manufactured in the U.S.

The whole affair was not to surface amongst the US public until 1978, when Major Marcel spoke to a television reporter and informed him that the wreckage shown to the media was definitely not the same which he had witnessed. He also stated "I was acquainted with every type of weather observation or radar-tracking device being used by either civilians or the military. It was definitely not a weather or tracking device, nor was it any sort of plane or missile. What it was, we don't know." He recalled metallic beams of lightweight metal covered in hieroglyphics that nobody could decipher, metal which could not be burned, bent or dented even by a sledgehammer.

His son who is still alive today also remembers pieces of the craft which his father brought home such as a piece of the famed foil that could reform itself after being crumpled, as well as beams with strange writing on them. Another woman also handled a piece of the craft and stated that it was like having nothing at all in your hand, that you couldn't even feel it against the skin.

The current Mayor of Roswell, also recalls that at a reunion of the personnel at the base he was able to sit at a table with the Commanding Officer of the Roswell base Butch Blanchard, who was by then a Four Star General. The General was interrogated by a number of people over the incident and refused to make any comments and would state only that "It was the damnedest thing he'd ever seen", which seems a strange reaction to the sighting by such an experienced military man to the remains of a weather balloon.

Col. Thomas Dubois (Chief of Staff under General Ramey who had ordered the refutation of the U.F.O. story) before he died allowed himself to be interviewed on video at his home. By the time he had left the military he had achieved the rank of Brigadier General which makes him the highest ranking officer ever to speak out about the incident. In his own words Brigadier General Dubois stated "It was a cover story, the balloon....the story that's given to the press", he went on to confirm further details of the story told by so many others.

Since then over three hundred and fifty other military personnel stationed near Roswell at the time have come forward with claims that what the government really found was the wreckage of two flying discs, along with three alien cadavers and one alive. They have been joined in their testimony by civilians, police officers and scientists who were involved in some way.

Under pressure from a congressman the army launched an investigation. They changed the weather balloon story and said that it was a radar reflector to detect Soviet nuclear weapons tests from a secret project called Mogul. In doing so they admitted deliberately deceiving the press even going to the trouble of having the prop of the tattered balloon with attendant confirming military personnel. But is this story any more plausible than the last one, the records from project Mogul do not state that any of their kites went missing, and there wasn't a launch of any of their prototypes on the corresponding days. How do they explain it appearing on radar at great speeds, the flash of light and explosion, the four child size coffins the army ordered from a nearby mortuary, the call to the mortician from the base in the middle of the night asking how to preserve rotting bodies, the hundreds and hundreds of qualified respected witnesses and most of all the reports of small bodies at the scene?

The evidence which has stacked up surrounding Roswell make it unique amongst U.F.O. cases, with the famous autopsy footage (which no-one despite dismissing it as a crude hoax has yet disproved convincingly) and the plethora of literature evidence of this. It is gone into in more depth in the highly watch-able movie of the same name starring Martin Sheen and Kyle McLaughlin which I highly recommend for further enquiry.

Not all reports could be so easily explained away, however.

As previously stated sightings during this period were undergoing an unprecedented increase, and in a few short years the USA was about to be hit with a swath of Earth vs the Flying Saucers type movies, capitalising on this new phenomenon. Although many (often those who know the least about the subject) believe it all to be little more the a by product of science fiction and over active imaginations, most people have just enough faith in their fellow man to believe that a thousand people who see something like a stray weather balloon will not automatically draw the conclusion that it is a craft from another world with accompanying extra-terrestrial's inside. There is also some evidence to support this view.

In an experiment conducted by one researcher, a weather balloon was fitted with a 500,000 candle power aircraft flare suspended in an aluminium cone facing upwards to hide the flare and give the balloon an eerie effect. They then sent the balloon flying across the city where a night baseball game was in progress and two drive-in theatres were operating. At five thousand feet a delayed action fuse set off the flare and the researchers waited for what they presumed would be a flood of calls. The operator subsequently reported that not a single call had been registered regarding anything strange in the sky. One experiment does not a theory prove but it is still worthy of note.

Due to the vast number of reports being received by various branches of the government and no doubt due in some part to the enormous public interest these reports were receiving, the Air Force Intelligence agency set up "Project Sign" which was the first government investigating agency into the saucer question. Beginning in January 1948 it was set up to find the answers to a few key questions namely: What are these objects continually invading our airspace? Are they secret weapons of the enemy (which our best jets would be powerless against)? Whether they are weapons of our enemies or otherwise, do they constitute a threat to national security?

Many theories as to the nature of these objects were put forward, however most of them were easily dismissed. Some scientists thought they had the characteristics of ball lightning, others believed it had to do with the heat phenomena which makes it appear there is water on a hot road (Capt. Mantells incident was purported as one of these) and of course we are all familiar with the weather balloon stories.

But weather balloons cannot travel at 2,000+ k.p.h., ball lightning does not complete multi-directional manoeuvres and visions and apparitions don't show up on radar. Project Sign ended in February, 1949 just over a year after it had begun and its final conclusion was that, although the majority of the sightings appeared to be attributable to various explainable phenomenon, twenty percent of them, or one in five were found to be totally unexplainable. It is interesting to note that this inquiry into U.F.O. sightings, and many since have found that the percentage of sightings which appear to have been totally fabricated (as opposed to mistaken identity) is almost insignificant.

Reports were inexorably becoming more frequent and as the publics perceived hysteria grew so did the government and militaries attempts to keep any real information from them. One incident they found hard to dismiss was the famous "Washington Flap".

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On the 20th of July 1952, at midnight in Washington National Airport eight traffic experts headed by Senior Controller Harry G. Barnes began their shift in the small windowless Air Traffic Control Centre. At exactly 12.40 when Senior Cont. Barnes had left the room Cont. Ed Nugent witnessed seven sudden blips on his radar screen. After retrieving the Senior Cont. they contacted the Airports tower and spoke to Operator Howard Cocklin. Cocklin replied that his scopes confirmed those in the control centre and to quote "I can see one of these things. It's got a bright orange light. I can't tell what's behind it".

Alarmed, Barnes quickly notified Air Defence Command. Turning back to the scope he noticed the objects had split, two were flying directly over the White House whilst another headed towards the Capital, both highly prohibited airspace. Keeping an eye on the radar Barnes then contacted Andrews Airfield a relatively short distance away in Maryland. They confirmed that they were also tracking the objects, however were unable to send interceptors as their airfield was under repair and their jets were stationed at least thirty minutes flying time away in Delaware.

After tracking the objects for several more minutes another Controller, Jim Casey contacted an airliner which had just taken off and was in the vicinity of one of the objects. Upon making contact with veteran Captain "Casey" Pierman, he gave him the co-ordinates of the object and Pierman headed towards it. Watching on the tracking device, to the controllers amazement the object which had maintained a steady 130 m.p.h. suddenly disappeared entirely from the screen. Moments later Capt. Pierman called the centre back stating "I saw the thing, but it streaked off before I could get close. It climbed out of sight in three or four seconds".

For reasons still unknown to this day the Air Force were having problems getting their jets off the ground, whilst all the while the controllers patiently sat and watched the glimmering objects on their screens perform feats which no conventional aircraft could possibly hope to emulate.

Barnes attempted to steer other planes in the area towards the discs however they would rapidly change their position just as Barnes was giving the pilots the co-ordinates, due to this Barnes began to think that his conversations were being intercepted. His suspicions were aroused even further when the Air Force jets finally arrived at three o'clock, the objects promptly vanished from their screens. When the jets left the objects reappeared, and continued their five hour survey of Washington until dawn.

Only one witness was able to make out the exact shape of the objects, a radio technician finishing his shift at a nearby transmitter station. He had watched dumbfounded as five large disc shaped objects tilted above his head and climbed steeply towards the sky.

This was exactly what the sort of episode the government and military did not want as they could not silence civilian Air Traffic Controllers.

Telegrams, long distance calls, letters by the thousand poured into the Pentagon. Congressmen, under pressure from voters demanded action. Newspapers and radio commentators began demanding a press conference.

The military as usual down played the incident, stating that the men at Andrews field despite their testimony had not tracked in any device, that the Washington Control Centres scope had been defective despite no errors being found with it and that no jets had been sent to the area, of course completely false.

It was enough to get them by the excessively short concentration span of the press and public on this occasion, but the military knew it had to be perceived as attempting to discover the truth of the matter or people would assume they already knew, as some were already beginning to suspect.

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In response to ever increasing curiosity, the Air Force formed its second and most prominent inquiry in the form of a team of scientists and air force personnel, collectively known as Project Blue Book. Begun in March of 1952 and spanning almost two decades, it was the last publicly acknowledged investigation by the U.S. Air-force into U.F.O's. Its avenue of inquiry was to ascertain if these objects were a threat to national security and to also determine if they were using advanced technology which the Air-force could attempt to emulate. The previous investigation into finding out about U.F.O.'s, their performance, characteristics and purposes called Project Sign was also evolved into Project Grudge, however this was from the outset a covert inquiry. It is maintained by U.F.O. cult literature and it seems correctly maintained, that only safe reports were handed over to Project Blue Book.

Although it appeared to be a sincere attempt to study the whole question, it began to look somewhat less convincing when a member of the Blue Book team sent in his own sighting to have it studied by the panel. When he later went back to refer to his report he found that it had somehow gone missing, which is a monotonously recurring habit that both military and government departments across the world seem to have with reports of this nature. After becoming frustrated by this and other occurrences he publicly stated that Blue Book appeared to be a farce and that any reports that remained unexplained and could cause public disquiet were handed to a higher authority. Presumably this was Project Grudge.

Despite continuing until 1969, Project Blue Books inevitable conclusion was that their was no basis for the reports of extraterrestrial craft. The civilian astro-physicist who at one stage headed the project, later stated that he could not agree with the findings of his colleagues and that their intention appeared to be to ridicule and dismiss any evidence on any basis they could find. Footage of mysterious objects were simply dismissed as birds or something else on the grounds that they couldn't be flying saucers as flying saucers didn't exist. It is now obvious that Project Blue Books outcome was predetermined either by the small minds of the scientists or by some level of intervention.

Evidence that an officially sanctioned cover-up has long been in place regarding these objects comes from what was titled "The Robertson Panel". This body set up by the C.I.A. in the fifties is now known to have "recommended that the continued reporting of U.F.O.'s should be actively discouraged through a covertly exercised mass-media program of 'training and debunking'. One of the methods discussed at the time was the use of high-profile scientific authorities to explain away the phenomenon." To what extent these aims have been fulfilled is a matter of opinion, many debunkers like to conveniently forget pieces of information such as the above.

A later memorandum from the Office of Scientific Intelligence of the C.I.A. refers to the Robertson Panel "The Panel's concept of a broad educational program integrating efforts of all concerned agencies was that it would have two major aims ; training and 'debunking'. The 'debunking' aim would result in reduction of public interest in 'flying saucres' which today evokes a strong psychological reaction.".

Subsequent investigations by various bodies such as the Condon Committee proved little more than to be a waste of the tax-payers money. After the Air-force closed Project Blue Book they turned the matter over to physicist Edward Condon of the University of Colorado, a well regarded scientist with a long list of academic credentials. However before the committee he convened had even begun to look into the evidence, Condon was behaving in manner totaly lacking in any sort of scientific objectivity. He continually made comments mocking witnesses and all phenomenon related to the matter. A memo which was later leaked found that instead of investigating the subject at hand as he had publicly declared, his secret intention was to conversely study the psychology and sociology of witnesses in an attempt to further ridicule and dismiss the topic.

Other reports allegedly conducted in an open and forthright manner by various official bodies around the world, appear to have been conducted with a similar contempt for the subject. Some more ostensibly scientific attempts have been made to look into the question such as the first in 1973 founded by Dr. Allen J. Hynek, named the Center for U.F.O. Studies, however he was also an investigator of the Condon committee which had shown such contempt for Ufology. Also of note is the U.S. Government funded Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.) which monitored magnetic wave emissions, hoping to find reverberations of electronic communications from deep space. It wasn't able to find anything and was consequently closed in October of 1993 due to it not being deemed a useful outlet of taxpayer funds.

At this point I think I would like to echo the words from a U.F.O. text I have which states "We can learn nothing by only considering that which is intellectually and emotionally acceptable to us", as from here the reports evolve into something many people cannot conceive, alien interaction with sections of the government and military.

One of the earliest amongst those who thought we should know the truth was an eminent rocket scientist and space commentator named Professor James Oberth. During his career many times he made statements that at sometime in our distant past he believed our planet had been visited by beings from other worlds who had perhaps influenced our religions, culture and technology. When he retired in 1959 a press conference was called at which he was to be presented with a special government award. He turned to the assembled press and said "Gentlemen, we cannot take credit for all the technological developments that we have had in the last decade. We have had help". A reporter then asked "Professor Oberth, can you tell us what other country helped us" to which he replied "It was those little guys from outer space". He then stepped down and left the confused gathering without another word.

To understand at least part of what the professor meant we should visit what seems to be a hotspot of US U.F.O. activity, the deserts of Nevada.

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Lying 140 miles north of Las Vegas is a military facility that despite being in plain view and having been photographed hundreds of times, the US Military continually denies the existence of. It is the site of large hangars, a few associated buildings, huge underground bunkers and what is believed to be the longest run-way in the world.

Around the base large white unmarked Ford Bronco's driven by camouflaged personnel maintain a ceaseless twenty four hour vigil on both the public and government land surrounding the facility, looking for any signs of any overly curious visitors. Visitors looking to catch a glimpse of the most highly publicised "secret" testing ground in the United States.

In the late eighties the a television reporter by the name of George Knapp was visited in his office by a man named John Lear (son of the inventor of the Lear Jet, William Lear) who proffered him a pile of documents he said were related to the governments cover-up of their knowledge of extraterrestrials. He then began discussing the facility code named Area 51, Dreamland, the Groom Lake testing grounds.

Lear stated that he thought it was being used as an underground area to hide recovered alien vehicles, possible since the late forties. Although he had not been able to visit the base himself, he continually alluded to someone whom he knew that had actually worked at the base and was a source of much of his information. After some pressing by the reporter Knapp he finally arranged a meeting between the two of them and a gentleman by the name of Bob Lazar.

Lazar was a theoretical physicist who claimed he had worked at a base called S-4 in Los Alamos, Nevada, a just south of Dreamland on a project called Gallileo. He alleged that his duties at Project Gallileo had involved backdating alien technology. This entailed studying recovered pieces of alien paraphernalia in order to ascertain their function and composition (much like military powers do during conflicts). He further stated that a whole team of scientists worked on miscellaneous debris said to be of extraterrestrial origin in a series of interconnecting hangars at the base.

Sometime after John Lear and Lazar had become friends, Lazar began telling Lear of the astounding nature of his work. Lear was immediately interested and they soon began camping out in the hills surrounding Dreamland, hoping to get some evidence on film of what was apparently being flown almost nightly at the base. After a couple of attempts they were discovered by the infamous camo-dudes in the White Bronco's and had their equipment confiscated.

After this Lazar began receiving anonymous threats and being followed wherever he went. His friends were also starting to be harassed and in one incident as he was driving down a highway his tyre was shot out, all these things no doubt intended as warnings. Lazar began fearing for his life, however this had the opposite reaction of its apparent intention, as he soon realised that the only way for him to protect himself was to go public with the information he held.

In 1989 the interview was set up with George Knapp in a televised show which also featured Lear. Subsequent to his talks with Lazar, Knapp had also had discussions with over twenty people who had worked at some stage in Area 51, people who one after the other detailed parts of exactly the same story which he was hearing from Lazar.

During the interview and since that time Lazar unequivocally stated that he had witnessed nine or ten recovered discs, one of which he had predominantly worked on. They had small child size chairs in them and were run by a system which worked with the harnessing of gravity. Lazar stated "What I witnessed were craft 15 feet high and 52 feet in diameter...It is quite an unbelievable thing to see something that size lift silently". He also talked about being shown at the base, pictures of an autopsy performed on an alien which seems to bear a striking resemblance to the controversial Roswell autopsy film and he also mentioned what an ominous feeling it was to step aboard a craft not manufactured in this world for the first time.

As a consequence of Lazars going public, he reported that all harassment abruptly ended and in his own words "It was hands off after that".

As Lazar gained notoriety his claims came under the auspices of Nevada Congressman James Bilbray who asked the F.B.I. to investigate the matter further. The military and the F.B.I. maintained that Lazar had never at any time worked at Los Alamos. They subsequently found it difficult to explain why Lazar's name was included in a telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists and his pay-cheques from the military. Curious too was the July, 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor which showed Bob leaning against a jet car and referring underneath to his employment at the base as a scientist. Finally there was the little question of the two-dozen or so employees at the base who stated that they indeed remembered him working there.

Since this time operations at Dreamland have probably been ceased due to the intense public interest that has been aroused surrounding the base. However this was not before many people had taken video footage and still photographs of many unusual bright-light type craft in the area surrounding the base, many performing astounding feats which even the most advanced craft we currently have could not begin to perform.

Whilst Lazar mainly stayed to detailing the construction and propulsion system of the recovered discs, Lears story had still greater ramifications. He talked about the number of craft in total at Area 51 being more than thirty and that these were the products of some of the ten or more alien cultures currently visiting earth, which the US government and military were fully aware of. As Lear stated in an interview "They're here, they have an agenda and there's not the slightest thing we can do about it".

Others have outlined a similar story of a Trojan style deception on a vast scale.

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Milton William Cooper is a retired officer of the U.S. Navy and he also served briefly in the Airforce. Early in his naval career whilst stationed on a submarine Cooper along with his captain and crew witnessed a metallic disc shaped craft of immense proportions suddenly immerse from the sea and soar into the sky. Later after receiving his intelligence training and clearance he was sent to Vietnam were he heard strange reports of "Enemy Helicopters". The North Vietnamese didn't have any combat helicopters and this was in fact a codeword for unidentified craft. There were reports of these craft firing upon both sides, people going missing during activity and in at least one instance a whole village vanishing.

After Vietnam he was assigned to the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, where as he states "documents were placed into my hands that were so unbelievable and so incredible that it took me quite a while to adjust to the fact that what I was seeing was real".

He came into the possession of two texts, one called "Project Grudge" which I have mentioned before and the other "Operation Majority". The first was 16 volumes from the beginning of the governments covert investigation into U.F.O.'s and I.A.C.'s (identified alien craft). The second was a brief on the operation responsible for every aspect, project and consequence regarding extraterrestrial involvement on earth.

What these documents outline is consistent with the view which U.F.O. researchers have pieced together from recorded incidents and leaked information over fifty years. This is a by no means complete overview of that history.

The live alien taken from the Roswell crash, termed an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (E.B.E.) was studied by scientists until its death a few years later. It learned to communicate during that time,the most ominous of its assertions being "More Are Coming".

It is unclear exactly how (possibly related to the Washington flap) but shortly after this the U.S. military came into direct contact with alien forces and negotiations were made for formal discussions.

At Holloman military base, in a meeting apparently similar to the one in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, whilst cameras filmed away President Dwight Eisenhower met with a representative of the extraterrestrial race hereafter referred to as "The Greys". Apparently a deal was struck exchanging technology which would assure the USA indefinitely remained the most powerful nation on earth, in return for turning a blind eye to occasional abductions for the purposes of study. They maintained they would provide the US Government with a list of abductees and that these people would have no recollections of their experiences.

An enormous covert operation was set up in the U.S. to deal with all aspects of the new extraterrestrial technology, which Bob Lazars Gallileo project was only a tiny part of.

Two secret teams of the most eminent minds at the governments disposal had been set-up to control the whole massive undertaking. The first constructed of the ultra-wealthy and powerful was called the Majestic Twelve who many believe to be an integral part of the covert government of the USA (and therefore the world).

The other is the Society of Jason Scholars, mainly consisting of eminent scientists and its numbers varying from the original 36 up to over fifty. Whilst U.F.O. cultists have been stating that the Jason Scholars have existed for some time, it is only recently that the pentagon has confirmed their existence and that they automatically hold the rank of Rear-Admiral on any military base. They all also hold higher security clearances than the US President, the so-called "leader" of the so-called "free" world. The head of the C.I.A. is automatically a member of Majestic Twelve and as George Bush previously filled this role he is apparently the only president since Eisenhower to know the full story.

Jimmy Carter witnessed a U.F.O. in the years preceding his campaign for the presidency and he promised that if he was elected he would release all the suppressed government files. Of course when he got to the White House he did no such thing, but he once told Shirley McLaine that he had been to the bases and seen the alien bodies.

There are apparently over twenty levels of top secret above the US president, and none of those holding these clearances are elected by or responsible to, the US public.

Going back to the history, at some stage it seems the government realised that not all the terms of their agreement with the Grey aliens were being met and one incident confirming this came from a woman who whilst being abducted had witnessed vats with human body parts in them. Of course by this time the whole thing had gotten too far out of hand for the government or military to admit what was happening. It seemed very difficult for them to understand that they were dealing with a superior intelligence and they were obviously so enamoured by the technology (no doubt beads and trinkets to the Greys) that they weren't too worried about the method. How is it possible for something that big to be suppressed? Perhaps that can be found in a chilling quote from Adolf Hitler - "The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed."

Predominantly they appear to be manipulating various levels of truth. This is known amongst U.F.O. enquirers as DISINFORMATION. Basically this is effected by disseminating information which is similar to that which you are trying to keep secret, but with just enough differences to throw people off the track, and it was a tactic used to great effectiveness by all sides during the second world war. More specifically to the U.F.O. phenomenon, it is purported that the government would release information about sightings only if they are known to them to be hoaxes, or if they have fabricated the entire thing themselves for these purposes.

This relates to general society in that people think and act according to what they believe, therefore if you control the belief structure you control the individual.

An example of how easy this can be, a recurrent theme from members of the military who have come forward is that they were assured the public was to be told, however to avoid chaos it was to be done gradually. Obviously this has never happened so it appears merely a pretext, probably one of many.

Secondly the British, Canadian and US military have regulations imposing heavy fines and possible internment on any individual making unauthorised statements about U.F.O.'s. This relates under provisions of the defence acts of most countries, also to any pilots of commercial airlines. The testimony we do have from members of the military involved in secret projects, is understandably from those retired and no longer looking to them for their pay cheques and bound by military censorship.

Thirdly, that old intellectually and emotionally acceptable bit. It hasn't been very successfully repressed but we as a mass often don't pursue knowledge, particularly that which frays at the edges of our small manipulable world. Maybe if you could somehow win money with the knowledge.........but forgive me, I digress.

Anyway, luckily for us some have been enlightened enough to believe that there is some sort of meaning in our existences and that central to this is the evolution of our true knowledge, both collectively and individually.

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Meanwhile during the twentieth century abductions have gained inexorable momentum. Estimates put the total number of people reporting this often harrowing experience to be over five million.

The abduction phenomenon is one which psychiatrists around the world are familiar with and a phenomenon that has been going on for some time, if we can believe the testimony of many ancient texts perhaps even thousands of years. The first widely publicised abduction took place in 1966, to an US couple named Betty and Barney Hill, which was detailed in a widely selling book at the time called Interrupted Journey. Since that time people who have reported experiencing abductions have ranged across the full spectrum of the social stratus, from factory workers to highly paid professionals including it must be added doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

They have understandably received their fair due of attention from various analysts of the psyche including as mentioned earlier Carl Jung who wrote a book concerning the phenomenon believing they were related to archetypal images of the foetus and such forth within the collective conscious. More recently Harvard psychiatrist and Pullitzer Prize winning author, Professor John Mack has been conducting research with a number of victims at Harvard. Not only has he been impressed by the apparent sincerity of the tales, he reports that he is also yet to receive any other logical explanation from anyone attempting to denounce work in this field. Despite or perhaps because of gaining wide notoriety for his research, he has since been warned by the Harvard faculty to pursue more scholarly studies or presumably risk losing his tenure.

This position has been taken by the faculty in the Professors field of work despite the fact that studying an experience real or imagined, that affects vast numbers of people, has to be valid in the field of psychiatry. If victims are making up their stories, perhaps that makes it an even more valid area for psychological research. Studies however have shown that contrary to abductee's being abnormal personalities, they have often been shown to be statistically healthier than the average populace. This despite the trauma of their experiences, apparently the only form of therapy which works for many of the victims is similar to that used in sexual assault.

Many abductions are certainly intimately linked to the human psyche, perhaps too close for me to discern any sort of functional truth. Whilst we have the case of a girl mentally going through the full abduction phenomenon whilst two friends watched her never move, we also have the case documented in the book by Bud Hopkins called "The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction" where a woman was abducted from her New York apartment whilst totally unrelated witnesses watched her being transported from her bedroom window by three small creatures under the brilliant light of a U.F.O. The most famous witnessed abduction, was made the topic of the movie "Fire in the Sky". It involved five men in the United States who were travelling along a road home from work at night when they saw a large U.F.O. a short distance from their automobile. One of the men got out of the car, feeling compelled to have a closer look. He was hit by a beam of light and his friends, frightened and hysterical drove a short distance away. Quickly coming to their senses they drove back to find neither their friend nor the bright U.F.O. They went into town and reported the incident faithfully, concerned for their friend. After he hadn't appeared for five days, the authorities were about to arrest the other men on the charge of murder, when the abductee was found naked and senseless at a bus station. He has since related the details of his abduction which follow a similar pattern to most.

These are exceptional cases, in that the vast majority of people are abducted from the unwitnessed privacy of their bedrooms, whilst also common are abductions from cars on lonely roads at night.

(I have seen the writer of the "Brooklyn Bridge" book Bud Hopkins give a talk on his twenty years of research into the abduction phenomenon [and also his rather weird art] and not only was he highly entertaining, he was also very informative. I would recommend any of his books for anyone wanting a sympathetic but not uncritical look into abductions.)

Common to most cases is the loss of periods of time, during which the event is said to have occurred. A fairly typical example would be someone making a short journey by car, seeing a bright light in the sky, and then find themselves abruptly continuing their journey an hour or more later, with that period of time being unaccounted for. At some later point they might begin to have flashbacks and this will lead to a full or part recollection, or they may seek some sort of psychological counselling in helping bring out the memory.

As for what happens once they are taken aboard the alien craft, this usually involves some sort of medical examination for reasons unknown by creatures usually similar to the diminutive Greys described in so much U.F.O. literature (one child abductee called them the little doctors). Often they will suffer a series of abductions sometimes at intermittent points for several years and sometimes more than one family member can be involved at a time, it seems this is often a parent and one or more children. Some victims report that they were terrified and others report that they felt no fear at all, that a feeling of calm was being somehow projected on to them by the beings. Abductee's have been found with strange pieces of metal implanted in their flesh, some of unknown origin or purpose, with at least one case of a child coughing up a small electronic part which tests have shown was believed to have been manufactured in Sweden. Small triangular scar markings on their skin, sometimes a series of three or more dots, inexplicable burns (reminiscent of Robozero) from unknown sources and occasionally otherwise inexplicable knowledge they have seen or been given are the most difficult parts of this enigma to explain.

Some woman believe they have been impregnated by the aliens and their offspring has been taken from them in periods usually less than half of the normal human gestation period, whilst some men report their sperm being taken for specific uses. One woman recalled that as they injected something directly into her skull, they asked her how they could stop her screaming, whilst others have also been subjected to similar procedures but have strangely felt no pain. Some of the abductees report being shown future events, usually cataclysmic occurrences that humanity is evidently headed towards.

Certainly the US government views the matter seriously enough to have passed a law making it illegal for any USA citizen to set foot on an extraterrestrial craft. Adopted on the the 16th of July, 1969-Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations states-anyone found guilty of such (extraterrestrial) contact automatically becomes a wanted criminal and can be jailed for one year and fined up to US$5,000. The N.A.S.A. administrator is empowered to determine with or without a hearing, whether a person has been extraterrestrially exposed and impose an indeterminate quarantine under armed guard which cannot be broken even under court order.

Anyway, apparently intimately linked to the abduction phenomenon through our twenty-first chromosome is the bizarre mystery of the mutilations.

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If thousands of human corpses were found lying mutilated around various parts of the world, humanity would leave no stone unturned in a quest to find out who or what was responsible. However in the case of the infamous cattle mutilations this seems to be happening regularly with relative anonymity.

Although they had been reported as early as 1904/05 in England's "Winter of Weirdness" the real spate of occurrences did not begin until more modern times.

The initial instances occurred in Canada during 1960 and were in fact perpetrated on horses rather than cattle. The first report to achieve world-wide attention was one also committed on a horse in Southern Colorado in the United States. However it was not long before these sporadic events began to gain a sinister momentum.

During 1963, there was a series of unexplained attacks on local livestock in Haskell County, Texas. Despite some of the livestock bearing inexplicable wounds such slashed throats, it was assumed to be some sort of evasive predator. As its rampage continued it began to take on somewhat mythical proportions and was nicknamed "The Haskell Rascal".

Throughout the next ten years, there were reports of similar attacks which were beginning to be linked together due to the similarity of the nature of the attacks and the fact that so many were accompanied by sightings of bright lights in the sky, U.F.O.'s or in the words of many witnesses "strange, circular, orange lights". Typical amongst these was one in Colorado on a family cow named "Snippy" which was accompanied by sightings around the district and subsequent press coverage.

In 1973 however, what are now termed "Cattle Mutilations" began an alarming increase. To avoid a popular misconception I would like to make it totally clear that from the beginning these attacks have not only been perpetrated on domesticated cattle and horses. Amongst the list of animals bearing signs of having been subjected to similar attacks are sheep, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, mice, seals, sea birds, cats, dogs, pigs, deer, elk, marmots, rabbits, geese, chickens, wild birds, even one or two humans and presumably it has happened to other animals as well. The fact that the vast proportion seem to have involved cattle, may be a result of the docility we have bred into them over time.

During 1973 and 1974 thousands of reports of mutilated animals were reported across the United States. Many of them had been completely drained of their blood, but this has somehow been achieved without leaving any traces of it on the surrounding ground. Even in the case of usually aggressive bulls weighing upwards of a thousand pounds, no signs of a struggle are ever found.

Experienced cattlemen and farmers reported that the victims bore wounds which they could not duplicate, even with their sharpest knives. In response to claims that some unknown predator was responsible the farmers showed long, perfectly straight cuts in thick bone. In most cases sexual organs, parts of the anus, face and intestinal organs had been removed with immense surgical precision, a precision that defies forensic and scientific explanation. Many have been found with a circle cored out of the middle of their forehead which appears to have been for the purpose of extraction. In one inexplicable case a seven year old heifer was found whose unborn calf had been removed without even breaking the placental bag.

During 1975 there was an unprecedented onslaught of mutilations across the western two thirds of the United States, and further afield to Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa and many of the European countries. In 1978 their was yet another increase in attacks, activity appears to have shifted slightly in 1979, US reports decreased whilst mutilations reported in Canada became more prevalent.

1980 saw the last substantial wave and there has since that time been a levelling off of reports. The mutilations continue to this day, as a leading investigator in the field and author of the book "A Strange Harvest" Linda Moulton stated "There's not a single year, since I began investigating in 1979, that at the end of the year I don't end up with dozens and dozens of reports of strange animal deaths from all over the world". In the late eighties it was estimated that there had been over ten thousand such occurrences, no doubt the total would have increased considerably since this time.

Some physical clues have been found are a standard army scalpel found at a mutilation site, as well as the presence of a tranquilliser called Chlorpromazine on a carcass and evidence that the haemoglobin surrounding many the wounds has been cooked, suggesting a form of laser with intense heat has been used in the "operations". Although the scalpel would seem to indicate the militaries responsibility, yet again there is too much that cannot be explained by such a simple answer. This answer would be required to ignore the plethora of associated sightings of U.F.O.'s and small "beings" in surrounding fields and pastures at the time. Also part of this riddle are mysterious silent and unmarked black helicopters, which are a recurring theme in much U.F.O. literature. They have been seen by ranchers, law enforcement officers and journalists, before and after mutilations since as far back as the early sixties when the modern wave of mutilations began.

The exact purpose of the mutilations remains obscure, however many people have come to believe that they are being perpetrated by forces not of this world, and that the helicopters are some sort of "smoke screen" or that they reflect some level of military involvement or interest. Most researchers appear to have come to the conclusion that the purpose appears to be gaining genetic material which can only be obtained from biological sources, material that is in some way necessary for the survival of the perpetrators.

The reasons for other strange happenings in the countryside around the world appear even less tangible.

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Strange circular markings are believed to have first started appearing in fields England around the turn of the 20th century. They are common to countries in Europe, as well as occurring in the USA, Canada, Australia and no doubt many others.

They gained large amounts of notoriety beginning in the late eighties when it seems an upsurge in their number of (or reporting of) occurrences began, culminating in them making an appearance on the cover for one of the popular band Led Zeppelin's remastered album's.

In general they are circular patterns of sometimes startling intricacy and beauty, ranging from a few metres across to some much larger, which have been formed in fields of wheat, corn and other monoculture type crops. In most instances the stalks have been bent horizontally to the ground yet this has somehow been managed without breaking or indeed the damaging of any of the stalks. In some cases the stalks have been found to be woven together in a basket like fashion, and still they appear undamaged. A number of them will often appear in the same field or region at the same time, and some are solitary.

A typical example of these occurred in the Australian outback, near the junctions of the borders of Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia , in a 100 square kilometre area in which almost a 100 circles have appeared. A farmer and his wife who had just had an excellent growing season, were surprised on inspecting their crops to find a large circle of wheat missing from one of their fields. On further inspection it was found that eleven such circles had been woven into their crops, each diminishing in size in a line to their farmhouse. Their sheep refused to go near the circles, and tests showed a strange magnetic force emanating from that corner of their farm. Upon entering the circle a strange hissing, static type noise could be heard and one farmer near the couples property had the presence of mind to record it. The noise was then analysed and it was found to be of an unknown origin, however strangely it conformed to a noise recorded by a television crew filming a crop circle in England, right down to the same frequency.

One extremely rare crop circle was found and filmed on the beaches of Arch Cape, Oregon in the United States. It had been formed in the sands of an isolated cove and was luckily spotted and captured on video, before the tides came and washed away all traces of it. It was also accompanied by sightings of U.F.O's in the area. Others of similar rarity were photographed in 1975 in snow in Europe, three of them, extremely large, placed next to each other.

It was stated in the early nineties by two men in England called Doug and Dave that they were the ones who were in fact responsible for the Crop Circles that it had been a big hoax and that they had travelled around England since 1978 perpetrating them reasons which still remain unclear. Pictures of the men walking around in circles with pieces of wood and string received world wide press coverage and the two men no doubt did the usual rounds of the media and were paid quite handsomely for their admissions. Generally this was thought to be the answer to the whole mystery and it was dismissed out of hand.

However in the media's over zealousness in this dismissing of the Crop Circles they conveniently forgot facts which make it impossible for it to have been done by only two men, or indeed even a well organised army of such pranksters across the globe. For a start as previously stated the Circles have been appearing for at least the last century, well before there was any great public interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet. Not to mention that they have occurred in countries as distant to Britain as Australia since as early as the nineteen forties, so unless these gentleman are one hundred and fifty year old globetrotting jetsetters it is difficult to perceive how they achieved the task. Curious too might be the case of circles appearing in different countries in Europe on the same night, hundreds of kilometres away from each other, often a distance including the English Channel.

Forgetting for a moment the global nature of the circles, if people think that the only form of research on the circles has been done by U.F.O. researchers looking for evidence that isn't there or reporters looking for some sort of story, they are mistaken. Scientists with the specific intent of debunking the circles have inspected them, and not only have they found no evidence that they have been done by human hand, but they have been unable to find the tracks of even small animals, much less humans, coming to or from the circles. Add to this that they have considered vortex winds, whirlwinds, fire balls, insects or animals and all have been ruled out, partly due to the fact that none of the stalks have been damaged in any way.

Two videos of extreme interest have been taken regarding the crop circle phenomenon, both in England which seems to be the centre of this phenomenon. One involved two German students who had travelled to England out of their interest in the formations. They were filming a crop circle in a field when a small "ball" of light started flitting in and out amidst the circles, occasionally descending into the crop, changing size and coming quite close to the camera. Six times it reappeared and the footage taken is very compelling and has so far defied rational explanation.

The second incident is far more sinister in its ramifications and was filmed by a professional film crew conducting their own investigation into the formations. Visiting a field where a crop-circle had been reported they found two British Army helicopters hovering above the field. Upon sighting them with their cameras one of the helicopters broke away and started flying towards them at very low altitudes with the obvious intention of scaring them away. They did head for cover but only as far as a nearby vantage point where they continued filming. What they filmed was a ball of light, larger than the one filmed by the two german students, moving around above the field, in full view of the Army helicopters. The entire episode has been captured on film and I would rate it as one of the most startling pieces of footage I have ever seen.

As with much of U.F.O. phenomenon, there is no doubt that hoaxes do exist, often shoddily put together and only receiving notoriety on the backs of the more substantial claims with better evidence to back them up. A lot of money is being made by people over the whole UFO phenomenon. However to disregard this intriguing enigma, because of a few fools seeking self importance or gain, is I believe to do ourselves a disservice.

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Some who claim to have inside knowledge have said that the increasing number of U.F.O. documentaries and extraterrestrial related movies is evidence of a government plan to ready the consciousness of the public for the revelation of aliens amongst us. A revelation they do not think our current modes of thought, particularly amongst the religious of the Earth, will be able to handle, and therefore we need to be intellectually assimilated with the information that we are but one form of intelligent life in a universe with many others. I would like to believe this if it weren't for a book I read by an insider, written in the nineteen fifties that said exactly the same thing. Decades later we still don't know the truth and what we do think we know appears to be getting more convoluted, concealed and menacing as time goes on. It is my personal belief that there are varying levels of truth and who knows what level we currently have? Something is happening here, it is well documented that governments particularly the US, for reasons they gave never adequately explained, is covering it up. This should make all of us deeply suspicious, indeed if it weren't for this coverup I wouldn't have written this article. They have tried to control the public's mind on this issue, what is their purpose? I think that the best policy is to try to find out the truth for yourself rather than waiting for someone to drop it in your lap, though having looked into ufology, I find the truth is always one step beyond my grasp.

I hope something within this exposition has caused you to pause for thought. I wrote it deliberately to be one sided because I believe most people dismiss the evidence for U.F.O's without actually looking at it. I wanted to force people to dismiss it on the evidence, not on the limitations of what they can conceive. Some of the facts in this article will be superseded by greater knowledge, but others will appear. U.F.O's are perhaps the greatest of the modern myths, and I enjoyed learning about them immensely, and despite all my rational thoughts I can't help having the tiniest nagging doubts about whether beings from outer space have visited our world, certainly I think the evidence for that is much better than for the existence of god/s. I will have a hearty laugh one day if it the impossible turns out to be true : )

I might sign off with a well known biblical quote written on the wall of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) offices in Langley Virginia " And ye shall know the truth - and the truth shall set you free".

Fight the Power! - Cameron Green

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