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I used to make sausage rolls with a Sanitarium product made specifically for the purpose. Anyway they cleverly put eggs in it because they thought there weren't enough chickens in the world living lives of complete misery, so I couldn't eat it any more. Well compliments of another Sanitarium product Redi-burger, I now have a recipe thats about ten times better than the old one.


1. 1 can Sanitarium Redi-Burger
2.1 can mixed beans (I use 5 bean mix but I guess you could subsitute any sort of beans)
3.1 1/2 - 2 cups cabbage, chopped relatively well
4.1 large onion, diced reasonably finely
5.1/3 cup peas
6.1/4 cup corn
7.1/2 Red Capisicum chopped into small pieces
8.Olive Oil
9.1 clove garlic (or 1 tablespoon of pre crushed garlic)
10.Coarsely grated carrot
11.Three table spoons tomato paste
12.Mixed Herbs
13.4 sheets Puff Pastry


1.Heat a saucepan, and add the oil when its hot
2.Add the onions, capsicum, cabbage, garlic and a tablespoon or so of herbs, saute till soft
3.Mash beans in large bowl
4.Add rediburger, tomato paste and a little water to beans, mash together
5.Add the cabbage, onion and capsicum
6.Add the corn, peas and carrot
7.Cut Puff Pastry in halves
8.Spoon 1/8 of mixture onto each halve, spreading out so makes line on one side
9.Roll it up, adding a bit of water to the edge to make them stick
10.Cook for about 25 minutes on a 300, or until golden.
11.Serve with tomato sauce : )


I just made this up because I had some cabbage and capsicum I wanted to use. They couldn't have turned out better. Actually the first time I made them I used some left over salsa in it as well. Very yummy, great snack.

by Cameron Green

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Cameron Green
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