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Studies like the one below showing links between human and other animal abuse are no surprise to anyone involved in animal liberation. They understand better than most that we are an animal as well. That the emotions of all animals have a similar evolutionary basis, and that it is illogical to consider the suffering of one because they are human and not the other.

One who disregards or enjoys the suffering of non human animals, will find similar emotions in their treatment of humans. The way we treat non human animals is not seperate to a society in which violence is commonplace, if they could speak for themselves maybe they would testify to that.

Study links animal abuse to violence against humans

TORONTO - People who abuse or torture animals are likely to do the same violent acts on humans, a Canadian police study released this week found.

The study followed 63 suspects who were charged with animal cruelty - ranging from severe animal neglect to murder - and discovered that 78 percent of them had also been charged with crimes involving violence, or threats of violence, against people.
"It confirms what we knew all along," said Eileen Cahill, spokesperson for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "Studies like this are important to make steps in reducing violence against members of our community."

The study was conducted by Detective Sergeant Jim McIsaac, of the Winnipeg, Manitoba, police force and was to present his preliminary findings at a conference sponsored by the Ontario society this week.

The report comes on the heels of several highly publicised cases of violence toward animals in recent months in Toronto, Canada's most populous city.

At least five mutilated cats were found dead in a residential neighbourhood north of Toronto. One of the cats was found decapitated, while another was cut in half.

Another three dogs were seriously injured when they were dragged behind moving vehicles.

"It's something we're very concerned about," said Cahill, whose organisation is investigating the death of the cats.

"The fact that there is possibly a deranged person who is killing cats could be a risk to the community."

Government figures show violence against animals is on the rise, with 645 people charged with cruelty to animals across Canada, compared to 397 the previous year.

The report is believed to be the first extensive Canadian study to link animal cruelty to violence against people, said Cahill.

The society found a similar correlation in its study last fall of 24 women who were abused by their partners and were living in battered women shelters in Toronto.

Sixty-one per cent of the women said their partners had abused or killed their pets, according to its study.

Story by Vanessa Thomas

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